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Sit & Dive- Building water confidence for beginner
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Sit & Dive- Building water confidence for beginner

Sit & Dive: Building Water Confidence for Beginners Introduction Water can be both fascinating and intimidating, especially for beginners. Many individuals experience fear and anxiety when it comes to aquatic environments. Overcoming this fear and gaining confidence in the water is crucial for personal safety and enjoyment. One effective way to instill water confidence in…

Jump Rope Benefits for Swimming

8 Benefits of Jump Rope for Swimming Jump rope can be a beneficial exercise for swimmers for several reasons. While swimming is an excellent full-body workout, incorporating jump rope into your training regimen can offer specific advantages: Benefit #1: Cardiovascular Endurance Jumping rope is a highly effective cardiovascular exercise that can improve your stamina and…


12 Water Safety Tips for Parents: How to Keep Your Child Safe in the Water

Water safety is a paramount concern for parents, especially in a place like Singapore, where water activities are a popular pastime. Whether it’s swimming in a pool, enjoying the beaches, or even just playing near water features in parks, it’s crucial for parents to take proactive steps to ensure their child’s safety. In this blog…