About AQZOG Founder

About AQZOG: It was founded by Raymond Tan in 2007. A keen triathlete and been doing races during the early days (Early 2000s). He wanted to impart his skills and knowledge to the students as he was interested to share. In 2018, he conducted a sharing sessions among the local coaches on butterfly technique and helped them understand and execute the stroke in the most effective way. Coach Raymond is currently a NROC Level 3- Swimming Coach in Singapore. There are 3 levels of NROC Coaches in Singapore. He is also involved in most MOE swimming projects conducting Swimsafer program.  His favorite quote “Reinforce Good Practice at Early Stage will cultivate good habits in the Long Term.” He is a strong believer that if correct technique is taught well at the beginner, it will yield good effect in a long run. He spend most of his time studying the works of Cecil M Colwin, James “Doc” Counsilman, Bill Sweetenham, to name only a few, and many others world famous swim coaches.

  • NROC Level 1: Coach
  • NROC Level 2: Senior Coach
  • NROC Level 3: Master Coach

Types of NROC Levels and The Learning Hours

Types of NROC Levels and the learning Hours in SIngapore. CCE Refers to Continuing Coaching Education

He is also a certified Swimsafer and Swimsafer Assessor. His stroke specialty are Breaststroke and Fly.

Coach Raymond underwent training and attended clinic hosted by Bill Sweetenham (Olympic Coach)_, Josezf Nagy (Invented Wave style Breaststroke) , Vern Gambetta (Strength Conditioning for Swimming) and Stephan Widmer (SSA Head Coach- and his contract ended 2021).

He did his attachment with Singapore Sport School during his attachment.

Few Reasons to Join AQZOG

Swim Lessons in Singapore

Swimsafer Journey

Any skills or stroke that is correctly done, is an important step. Understand the learner’s difficulties & mistakes, then provide solutions to their problems. That’s the job of the coach.

Coach Raymond

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What does CCE Stand for?

The Continuing Coach Education (CCE) programme gives coaches the platform to continually upgrade themselves in their area of coaching. Sport Singapore believes that coaches are able to deliver higher standards of coaching as they become more proficient and knowledgeable.

Does the NROC Levels applied only for Swimming or all sports?

The NROC levels is applied to all sports in Singapore governed by SportSG.

What make you different from the other?

Our training are different and our swimming lessons plan are not the same every week. We also provide our swimmers different types of swimming drills set and giving them opportunity to explore various types of strokes in swimming. We also teach them survival technique as well as stroke technique in a fun way. And we provide picture learning and make learning interesting for the children.

What is the difference between NROC level 1, 2 and 3?

The difference in CCE Hours for each level differ and of course, the knowledge of swimming too.

What are the benefits of hiring NROC coaches?

Due to the facts that they have to attend seminars and swim clinic, and even helped in most MOE Swimming programs, and being well versed in Swimsafer syllabus, they are definitely the best person to train your child for swimming lesson.

Do you teach MOE Swimsafer Program?

Yes I do. You can read more about MOE Swimming program here.

Does this mean engage the higher level coach is better?

When you visit the hospital, do you prefer to see a junior doctor or a senior one? Same concept for choosing your swimming instructor too. 🙂 There are many levels and years of coaching among the instructors. Some are part time instructor and some are full time instructor. Be sure to ask them for the qualification when you engage your swim coach.

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