How to Set Up Activesg Account Successfully


In this page, you will learn

  • How to set up activesg account.
  • How to download Swimsafer 2.0 E certificate after the test
  • How to set up the supplementry account
  • How to link your child account to your account.
  • How to become a swim teacher.

ActiveSg Account Setup and Swimsafer Matter

User guide to Signing up Activesg Account

You can read more here.

You can find them here.

You can request assistance from the activesg staff, Just approach them directly and they will be glad to help you out.

Yes. Because if he has his own account, he would be able to see thru all his Swimsafer E certificate in his account. Is easier for him to retrieve or validate the certificate the next time when needed.

You can look into this page for more information.

When your child go secondary school and there is a new aquatic sports such as diving, canoeing or wind surfing, this certificate might prove useful as an evident that he has pass certain test and have some swimming capability base on the given swimming certificate. Ideally, in most outdoor aquatic sports, the requirement is from Bronze to Gold.

There is no need for you to obtain the swimsafer certificate if you need to become a swimming teacher. Depending on which swimming licence you want to obtain, there are few choices for you to decide. Certain swimming licence require you to swim only 2 strokes, and some licence 3 strokes at least. To be a Certified NROC coach, you need to be swim proficient in all the 4 strokes namely butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle. Only NROC coaches can teach at Public pool and Condominium or club pool. You can read about “How to become a Swim Coach ” here.