Adult Beginner Swimming Class

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Adult Beginner Swimming Class is a first step to master swimming. In this beginner course, you will learn the necessary basic of swimming. They range from right bubbling technique, correct body base position, the basic sculling action, and understand how the leg and arms provide the propulsion much needed in the water and finally the coordination.

As a comparison, A who has no knowledge about swimming will learn faster than B who has incorrect technique in swimming. Why? Because B contain some bad muscle memory which A doesn’t. So for B, is like a corrupted hard-disk that need formatting while A is a clean hard-disk ready to store clean information. But not all are bad for B, as over time when he understood the mistake and make corrections, he could get over it too.

Who is suitable to attend the Adult Beginner Swimming Class?

  • Water Phobia Person of any age
  • Non Swimmer
  • Any person who are not able to swim well
  • A person who has difficulty in swimming coordination
  • Person of any age from 21 to 70
  • Wanting to learn the correct swimming technique
Non Swimmer in Adult Beginner Swimming lessons in Singapore
Non Swimmer in Adult Beginner Swimming lessons in Singapore

10 Symptoms/Signs of Non Swimmer

  • Gasping for air.
  • A weak and wrong swim stroke.
  • Bobbing up and down in the water.
  • unable to remove/ control water in ear, eye, nose and mouth.
  • Swimming the wrong way in a current (if in the ocean)
  • Hand waving or arms out to the sides.
  • Swimmers floating face down.
  • Body in Vertical Position.
  • Unable to bubbling rhythmically.
  • tensed body all the time.
Swimming lesson in Singapore

5 Benefits of Swimming for Adults

  • Tone up your whole body
  • Enhance Straight Body Posture
  • Slow down aging
  • A good way to relieve stress
  • Improve your sleep

9 Reasons why Adult learn to Swim

  • To be able to play with children or grandchildren
  • As a hobby
  • For health reason especially back problem
  • People with Scoliosis
  • Alternate form of exercise beside running
  • To be a swim coach
  • To prepare for Biathlon or Triathlon
  • To take part in master swim competition
  • To improve their stroke technique and swim proficiency.

Adult Beginner Swimming Class Lessons Layout

In water basic skill, you will be taught the correct bubbling technique which is the most important step of swimming as a whole. With the correct breathing technique, you will be able to feel more confident in water and mostly will generally begin to love water. Remember, being able to understand how our body work in the water, only then will we learn to appreciate this fine art of swimming and cultivate the love for swimming for a long time.

Sculling is about feeling the water with your arm where you feel the water pressure exerting on your hand, lower arm and upper arm.

The basic water skills also cover sculling. We will teach you the basic sculling. Sculling is about feeling the water with your hand. Sculling i about feeling the water pressure exerting on your hand, your lower arm and your upper arm. Many beginners only focus water pressure on their palm which is not good enough. Then next the correct body posture required for swimming and understanding the type of leg and arm actions for swimming.

Why are we doing our kick the wrong way?

When we are swimming, we are unable to see what our legs are doing. Very often we learn to feel how our leg are kicking the water base on our assumption. If you got the right assumption of the way to leg properly, that is ok. What if it is wrong? Then bad habit and bad muscles memory start happening. Just like how a hard disk is being corrupted.

Understanding Emergency

The main focus of the swimming lessons is water safety and how you overcome danger when you are in trouble. After a few sessions of training session in the training pool, you will be transits to the medium pool for some other tasks such as floating technique and treading water. You will also be taught about saving yourself when you are in trouble in the water when no one is around. There will also be opportunity for you to learn to wear life jacket and feel yourself floating in the water with ease. Some people may just panic when they see deep water, so this is also the opportunity for them to get over it after a few more sessions to gain their confidence. During the entire course, we will introduce you some updated and effective swimming drills that helps you master your stroke. Some lessons plan will be draft out for you to learn at your own sweet time as part of the bonus package.

What to expect at the end of the Adult Beginner Swimming Lesson?

You will be expected to

  1. know how to entry and exit of pool of any type.
  2. perform a front float & recovery.
  3. Perform a supine float and recover.
  4. Leg movement
  5. Arm Movement
  6. Breathing technique in Swimming
  7. Freestyle/ Breast stroke/ Survival Back/ Backstroke you may master 2 or 3 strokes
  8. Able to swim at least 15-25m
  9. Understanding body reaction in swimming
  10. Perform a basic jump with life jacket
  11. Perform a basic jump and float without life jacket
  12. Able to tread water in 30 sec or more in a deep pool.

Having attained the above skills, you will then move toward intermediate class.

A typical adult swimming lesson illustration.

The above was one of the typical diagram to illustrate an adult swimming lessons for better understanding of sequence.

Frequently Asked Question for Adult Beginner Swimming Class

I am scare of water, can I still join the class?

The beginner class generally caters to all kind of water fear and non swimmers.

I can swim a little, but I am not sure if this beginner class is suitable for me?

This beginner class will teach you proper stroke technique and proper breathing behavior in swimming. So this course is suitable for you

Do you teach butterfly in this beginner class?

You will need to wait for our next course on intermediate and advance. We will teach you that.

Is swimming difficult to learn?

Is not difficult if you know how things work. Just like before you learn how to drive a car, you think is difficult. After learning to drive a car, you think is easy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Same with swimming.

Are there any beginner adults that learn swimming in a short period of time?

There are quite a handful. On average, 8 lessons onward, most of my adult beginners could understand what is swimming about. They are more confident and most were surprised that they could do it. It takes 2 hand to clap anyway. You keep trying until you succeed.

How do I know if I am swimming properly?

If you can swim 25m or more without feeling strain on any part of your body and not feeling breathless, and being able to swim smoothly without any drag then I say that you are doing it correctly.

How do I know if I am not swimming properly?

If you can swim 25m or more and feeling exhausted and out of breathe and feeling aching or stiffed, and it make you feel like it takes years to reach 10m, I would suggest you come for this class. ๐Ÿ™‚

How do I know which course is suitable for me?

U can check out the skill checker. We will implement this later for your convenience.

I am 60 year old. Can I still learn butterfly?

Yes you still can. As long as you are committed to learn swimming, you can still learn to swim. Learning swimming is suitable for all age.