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Swim coaches-resource
Swim coaches-resource

Welcome to the Coaches Resources page. Here you will find lots of useful information such as renew their NROC, Usage Permit, water safety poster etc. Have a good browsing time.

NROC- National Registar of Coaches need to be renewed every few years. Here are the link.

The first aid course with AED cert are valid up to 2 years only. Every 2 years you need to renew. Here are the list of approved first aids course by activesg that you can attend.

After you complete any learning activity, please upload any screenshots of your course completion (e.g. e-certificate), or record and upload any reflection from your learning (self-guided), or online via SportSync ( under your CCE section of your coach profile, so that we can award you the CCE hours accordingly. You would need to have an ActiveSG account (registration can be done in SportSync itself) or SingPass in order to login to SportSync.

For technical assistance related to SportSync or ActiveSG:

Technical Issues relating to SportSync  –

Technical Issies relating to ActiveSG –  | 6594 1388  |  07:00 – 22:00 (Mon – Sun)

Click here to apply for replacement cert. There will be a cost of at least $10 for the replacement.

Ensure you have the following:

  • Proof of NROC provisional or full membership.
  • For full NROC members, a copy of your certificate of attendance for the Values and Principles in Sports (VSP) workshop.
  • Register with this link.

Try this link to search for the answer you want.

Click here for the e workshop.

What we commonly understand may not always be true – Prolonged underwater breath holding can be deadly.

Here’s a recent article by Dr Joanna Chan, Consultant of Emergency Medicine at the Singapore General Hospital. She shares why breath holding can be an invisible danger, definition of Shallow Water Blackout, and prevention methods.

Download the article here.

ou can help save a life too!

This informative manual aims to empower coaches with information related to ability of surveillance in an aquatic environment. It includes effective water surveillance strategies and supervising swimmers. Refer to this handy and quick guide to be our watchful eyes and attentive minds, and contribute to a safe learning environment for your trainees!

Download the manual here.

Ever spent many times reiterating safety instructions to your trainees?

Use this concise yet comprehensive, and easy to understand safety instructions on safety in swimming complexes and water safety, coupled with visually engaging graphics created by SportSG. You can simply share this guide with your trainees and everyone!

Download the instruction cards here.

If lengthy reminders on safety messages put you off, let these latest set of posters communicate some important recommendations for you.

Minimalistic style with vibrant colours, these provocative and humorous statements can definitely captivate the attention of your audience and reminds them to be vigilant. Put up these unique and evocative posters by SportSG in your training facilities today!

Download the posters here.

NROC had ceased the issuing of physical membership cards in effort to move towards a sustainable future. Instead of reference to the physical membership card, you may now refer to your e-card on your SportSync profile. Click here on how to locate your e-card. Alternatively you may just login directly to the sportsync portal here.

Click here to download. Lets create water safety awareness to the community by helping to spread the news and educate them. Everyone has a role to play where water safety is concerned.