a) Stage 2 of the Allocation Exercise for the period of 17 July – 13 August 2020 will be extended until 31 August 2020. This is to facilitate a proper allocation from the start of a month from 1 September 2020 onwards.

b) For this extension, no action is required from the coaches who have been currently allocated slots.

a) Details of the allocation process will be disseminated to the eligible coaches by 14 August 2020.

b) Coaches must possess valid ActiveSG usage permit, Swimsafer / Singapore Lifesaving  Society certification and NROC membership to be considered for the allocation.

c) Please refer to the useful links for more information:

i) Information on NROC and Usage Permit,-swimsafer-and-life-saving-coaches

ii) Renewal / Application of Usage Permit url:

Not at the moment. Parents need to wait outside the pool entrance to pick up the child after they finish their lessons.

We will be able to update you on our available slot in the next bidding exercise sometimes in mid of august 2020. You may come back here to check for the update. 

Yes, you can simply sign him up for swim class. Our Group classes can cater to all level as we have a training template to suit the different skills level’s needs. You may click the link below to sign up. 

  1. a) Please note that Katong Swimming Pool will be closed on 29 August, 9am – 6pm for an event.
  2. b) We seek your understanding that there will not be any replacement slots for the closure.

For enrolment of Swimming class, please Sign Up here.