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Delta Swimming Complex

Delta Swimming Complex is just 5 minutes walk from Redhill MRT Station. It is closed every wednesday for a whole day maintenance.

You can enjoy the indoor and outdoor swimming complex and there is a gym on the second floor. Download your activesg app to gain access to one of the great facilities in Singapore.

We are also hosting our 6 days swimsafer holiday program at this location. More details here.

Delta Swimming Complex still under construction as of 6th September 2022.
Delta Swimming Complex still under construction as of 6th September 2022.

Exciting News: Delta Swimming Complex to Open on 30TH April 2023 (SUNDAY)! Maintenance Day is Every Wedenesday.

The residents of Delta and its surrounding areas are in for a treat as the highly anticipated Delta Swimming Complex is set to open its doors on 30th April 2023! This delta swimming complex is known also as Delta Sport Centre.

With its spacious and modern layout, the Delta Swimming Complex provides ample space for swimmers to practice and improve their swimming skills. The playground was huge enough for children to play around but again do watch out for their safety.

The Delta Swimming Complex also offers a variety of swimming programs and classes catered to different age groups and skill levels. From swimming lessons for beginners to advanced training for competitive swimmers, there’s something for everyone. The complex has a team of certified and experienced swimming instructors who are dedicated to providing quality coaching to help swimmers achieve their goals and improve their swimming abilities.

Design a water safety poster and win a battery operated toy.

Safety is a top priority at the Delta Swimming Complex, and the facility is equipped with the latest safety features and protocols to ensure a secure and enjoyable swimming experience for all. The pool is constantly monitored by trained lifeguards, and there are strict safety rules in place to ensure the well-being of all swimmers.

The Delta Swimming Complex is conveniently located in the heart of Delta, with ample parking facilities and easy access via public transportation. It’s set to become a hub of community activity, providing a safe and enjoyable space for swimmers of all ages and abilities to come together, stay active, and pursue their swimming goals.

In conclusion, the opening of the Delta Swimming Complex on 30th April 2023 is an exciting development for the community of Delta and its surrounding areas. With its world-class facilities, innovative water play area, comprehensive swimming programs, and commitment to safety, the Delta Swimming Complex is set to become a premier destination for swimmers of all levels. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to enjoy a top-notch swimming experience. Mark your calendars and get ready to make a splash at the Delta Swimming Complex with AQZOG Swim School!

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Delta Swimming Complex
A pool at Delta Swimming Complex was opened in 1979.

Little History about Delta Swimming Complex

Delta Swimming Complex site was once occupied by the 120-year-old Tang Suahn Kiong Temple from 1858 to 1978. The temple worshiped Kwan Kong, the God of War. The site acquisition notice was served to the temple in 1973, with a compensation amount of $184,000, but the trustees of the temple and its devotees felt that the sacred building should be preserved. In September 1978, three bulldozers were ordered to block the paths leading to the temple, leading to its isolation and much to the disgust of the public. Policemen were deployed as the bulldozers forced their way in. Eventually, the temple caretakers had to pack the place up and relocate. The land was then acquired by HDB for development, making way for the Delta Sports Complex as we know it today. Delta Swimming Complex was also the first project built by HDB.

The pool was open to public in 1979. As of 3rd Aug 2021 of writing, this swimming complex is still closed for renovation/upgrading.

Click here to enrol for kids or adults Swimming Lessons at Delta Swimming Complex or any other swimming pool of your choice. Private coaching at Condo is available too.

Commonly Asked Question

Certainly, here’s a list of Q&A about swimming lessons:

Q: What age should my child start taking swimming lessons?
A: Most swim schools offer lessons for children as young as six months old, but it’s recommended that children start formal lessons around age four or five.

Q: What should I expect in my first swimming lesson?
A: Your first lesson will likely involve an evaluation of your skill level and comfort in the water, as well as an introduction to basic strokes and techniques.

Q: How long does it typically take to learn how to swim?
A: Learning to swim varies from person to person, but most people can learn basic strokes and techniques within a few months of regular lessons.

Q: Can adults learn to swim even if they never learned as a child?
A: Yes, it’s never too late to learn how to swim. Many swim schools offer adult classes for beginners.

Q: What are the different types of swimming strokes and which ones should I learn first?
A: The four main strokes are freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Freestyle and backstroke are usually the easiest to learn first.

Q: How often should I take swimming lessons to see progress?
A: It’s recommended to take lessons once or twice a week to see consistent progress.

Q: Is it necessary to learn how to swim in order to participate in water sports like kayaking or paddleboarding?
A: While it’s not required, knowing how to swim is highly recommended for safety reasons.

Q: How can I make the most out of my swimming lessons?
A: Practice outside of lessons and communicate with your instructor about your goals and areas of improvement.

Q: What safety precautions should I be aware of when swimming?
A: Always swim in supervised areas, wear appropriate safety gear, and avoid swimming alone.

5 reasons why achieving swimsafer certificate Stage 4 Bronze, Stage 5 Silver & Stage 6 Gold are so imporant.

SwimSafer is a comprehensive swimming program designed to teach water safety and swimming proficiency to individuals of all ages. Obtaining the SwimSafer Certificate is important for several reasons:

Reason #1- Water Safety

Water Safety: The SwimSafer program equips swimmers with essential water safety skills, such as treading water, survival strokes, and rescue techniques. These skills could help save a life in case of an emergency

Reason #2- Swimming Proficiency

Swimming Proficiency: The SwimSafer program is designed to develop swimmers’ proficiency in all aspects of swimming, such as technique, endurance, and speed. This could lead to improved physical fitness and a better understanding of swimming as a sport.

Reason #3- Lifelong Skill

Lifelong Skill: Swimming is a lifelong skill that can be used for leisure, fitness, and safety purposes. Obtaining the SwimSafer Certificate ensures that swimmers have acquired the necessary skills to enjoy swimming and water activities safely throughout their lives.

Reason #4- Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities: Many jobs require individuals to have a SwimSafer Certificate, such as lifeguards, swim instructors, and coaches. Obtaining this certification could open up job opportunities in the aquatics industry.

Reason #5- Personal Achievement

Personal Achievement: Obtaining the SwimSafer Certificate is a significant accomplishment for swimmers of all ages. It demonstrates a commitment to learning and mastering a skill that requires discipline and hard work. It can also boost confidence and self-esteem, as well as provide a sense of achievement and pride.

In summary, obtaining the SwimSafer Certificate is important for water safety, swimming proficiency, lifelong skill development, employment opportunities, and personal achievement. It is a valuable investment for individuals who want to enjoy swimming and water activities safely and confidently.

Getting to Delta Swimming Complex

ActiveSG Pool Entrance Rate:

Senior Citizen$0.50$0.60
Foreigner $1.30$1.70
Public holiday will follow weekend charges

Opening Hours

Monday6:30am to 9:30pm
Tuesday Closed WHOLE DAY
Wednesday 6:30am to 9:30pm
Thursday 6:30am to 9:45pm
Friday 6:30am to 9:30pm
Saturday 6:30am to 9:45pm
Sunday 6:30am to 9:45pm
Tuesday is closed

Organised classes:
Weekday – 12pm to 6pm
Weekend – 9am to 6pm

Lap swim for general public:
Weekday – 9am to 12pm
Daily – 6.30am & 7.45am / 6.15pm to 9.45pm


  • Competition Pool
  • Teaching Pool
  • Wading Pool

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