Essential Swim Lesson Plan


An Essential Swim Lesson Plan is what molded every successful swimmers in their learn to swim career and well managing the student’s progress. Beside having a lesson plan, the proper equipment could help facilitate learner to learn easier and progress faster. There was a saying “You need to have an equipment to do your job well.” This has since been embedded into my coaching philosophy. The combination of the lesson plan and equipment could well be your perfect plan.

8 Advantages of a Swim Lesson Plan

  • It provide learner a system to learn swimming
  • It provide better time management so that the given task are equally assigned
  • It provide motivation and prepareness for the learner
  • It omit redundant of lesson previously taught before
  • It provide instructor the timeline to complete the task
  • It allows tracking of the student progression
  • It identify the learner’s strong and weak strokes component so can allow careful planning.
  • It helps to inspire learner to another level of stroke proficiency.

4 Great Characteristic of a Good Swim Lesson Plan

  • Systematic and Developmental, working on swimmer’s biology and exploiting the critical periods for developing physical capacities.
  • A program that is challenging, demanding and constantly set goals.
  • Helps create focus, drive and self-confidence, thinking right leads to training right.
  • Focus on technique and make the swimmer easy, efficient, graceful and adaptable in the water for most of the strokes.

Swimsafer Lessons Plan format

In Singapore, most school in singapore under the Ministry of Education (MOE) choose swimsafer syllabus as their preferred choice of swimming lesson. You can find more details here.

Format of Swim Lesson Plan

They can be categorize into beginner, intermediate and advance for different levels of abilities.

The theme and objectives must be clear, simple, concise and must be realistic.

At it’s most basic form, a swimming lesson plan should contain: 

  • Activities or exercise
  • Teaching points including games, activities and teacher demonstration 
  • Type or Teaching formation (Organistation)- wave style, line style, stagger, corner
  • Time duration of each segment

At the end of each lesson plan, there will be an assessment of the activity to determine the student’s understanding/ getting feedback. The assessment form is sometimes called evaluation form.

In this section we take a total beginner Swim lesson plan #1 as an example.

Format for Swim Lesson Plan #1- Beginner

Below are one of the example of a beginner’s lesson plan.

Activity/ ExerciseTeaching PointOrganisationDuration
1) Getting around

2) Get Face Wet

3) Pool Entry & Exit

4) Seated Flutter Kick
Enter safety & Properly


Enter Safety & Properly

Move From Hip, Toe in
One by One

All together

One by One

Line Formation
5 minutes

5 minutes

8 minutes

8 minutes
Above are some of the example of a beginner lesson plan

Example of Lesson Evaluation

Activity/ Exercise- Able to enter pool properly and exit pool safety
Main Theme – Pool Entry / Exit
Water safety observation – Able to Properly enter the Pool and Exit the pool Safely.
Action for Next Lesson- Wall crawl with limb coordination.
An example of the evaluation form

In this evaluation form, it determine the specified component a child can do. This could help micro manage your class and know your student’s weakness in more details.

Games & Fun

All work and no Play make Jack a Dull Boy. It would be a good idea to incorporate games activity into the lesson plan. Having some degree of fun to our lesson will keep your students fully engaged throughout the lesson. So never underestimate the effect fun can have on a learning a particular swimming skill.  Fun activties are great ice breaker for all classes and help members forget the physical effort of swimming, and also helping build a more open relationship between the coach and the students. As a teacher, you need your class to feel like they can approach you to help them fully with their swimming lessons.  

Some of the water confident game you can play are

  • Ostrich Hunter– Work on bubbling control
  • Shark and Fish– Work on Swim Speed
  • Treasure hunter– Work on Picking object without goggle
  • Sing along song– If you are happy and you know how to blow bubbles”….. Row your boat…..twinkle little star… you can also modify the lyrics to suit the needs.- Work on individual component. View one example of a swim song here.


Swim lesson plan is a good way to provide a systematic coaching plan. Keeping it simple, fun and interesting will encourage and nurture the not so keen swimmers to enjoy swimming lesson over time. By having a Swim lesson plan, and coaches and swimmers will be on the same page in terms skills and objectives. Have fun with swim lesson plan.

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