Swimsafer Test Booking 2022

Swimsafer Test Matter
1) Swimsafer Test Fees has to be transferred before the actual swimsafer test.

2) In the Event of Bad weather, the test will be postpone to the following Sunday.

3) Payment can be in the mode of Cash, Fund Transfer or Paylah/ Paynow. For Paylah/Paynow or Fund Transfer, please forward screenshot or notify as proof of payment.

4) No refund of Swimsafer Test upon registration. If the student fail to turn up, the fee will be forfeited. A re registration will be required.

5) In the Event payment is not made, I will not be able to take my swimsafer test.

$ 0.00
Paylah or Paynow to AQZOG SWIM SCHOOL : 91375141. Please notify proof of fund transfer via whatsapp (91375141) after registration is done. Thank you.