Coaching Fees

Coach Fee for Swimming Lesson
Coaching fee for Swimming Lessons

Variety of coaching fee for swimming lessons can be found on the following tables.

Coaching Fee for Kid/ Adult/ Ladies Private Lessons

1 Coach : 1 Student ($360)$360
1 Coach : 2 Students ($200 each)$400
1 Coach : 3 Students ($150 each)$450
1 Coach : 4 Students ($140 each)$560
1 Coach : 5 Students ($130 each)$650
Table base on 4 lessons of 45min. All lessons will be taught by NROC Level 3 Coach Only.

Coaching Fee for Baby/ Infant/ Toddler Private Lessons

1 Coach : 1 Baby (320)$320
1 Coach : 2 Babies ($170 each)$340
1 Coach : 3 Babies ($120 each)$360
Table base on 4 lessons of 30mins. Lessons will be taught by toddler aquatic specialist.


  1. By cheque: Students need to write their name, mobile number, class time slot and location of lesson behind the cheque.
  2. By ATM transfer: Students are to SMS the student name, class time slot and location of lesson to 91375141 once the payment is made.
  3. By internet banking: Students are to SMS the student name, class time slot and location of lesson to 91375141 once the payment is made


POSB Savings Account: 047-12382-8

Frequently Asked Questions on Group or Private Swimming Class

If you’re considering taking swimming lessons, you may be wondering whether to take group or private classes. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision:

What are the advantage of Private Swimming Class?

Private swimming classes offer numerous advantages, some of which include:
Individualized Attention: Private swimming classes provide personalized attention as the instructor focuses solely on one student or a small group. This allows for customized teaching methods, addressing specific strengths and weaknesses, and progress at an optimal pace.
Faster Learning: With the undivided attention of a qualified instructor, individuals in private swimming classes tend to learn at a faster rate compared to group lessons. The tailored instruction and immediate feedback help students grasp swimming techniques more effectively.
Increased Confidence: Private lessons help build confidence in swimmers, especially beginners or those who may feel self-conscious in a group setting. The one-on-one interaction and supportive environment contribute to a sense of security and comfort, allowing swimmers to progress with confidence.
Flexible Scheduling: Private swimming classes often offer greater flexibility in scheduling compared to group lessons. Since the lessons are individually arranged, students can typically choose times and dates that best suit their availability, making it easier to fit swimming lessons into their busy schedules.
Customized Curriculum: Private swimming classes allow instructors to tailor the curriculum to the specific needs and goals of the swimmer. Whether someone wants to focus on stroke improvement, water safety, or training for a specific event, private lessons can be customized to meet those objectives.
Faster Progression: Due to the focused attention and tailored instruction, swimmers in private classes often experience accelerated progression. The ability to fine-tune technique and address individual challenges promptly can result in quicker skill development and improved performance.
Enhanced Safety: Private swimming classes offer an added layer of safety as instructors can dedicate their undivided attention to the student(s) in the water. This attentive supervision minimizes the risk of accidents and allows for immediate assistance or correction when necessary.
Overcoming Fear and Anxiety: For individuals who have a fear of water or swimming-related anxiety, private lessons can be particularly beneficial. The supportive environment, patient instruction, and gradual progression foster a sense of trust, helping individuals overcome their fears and build a positive association with swimming.
Remember, the advantages listed above may vary depending on the specific instructor, the swimmer’s goals, and the overall quality of the private swimming program.

What are the advantage of Group Swimming Class?

Social Interaction: Swimming in a group setting can offer the opportunity for social interaction, which can be beneficial for individuals who enjoy meeting new people, making friends, or improving their social skills.
Motivation: Group swimming classes can provide a motivating environment that encourages participants to push themselves harder and achieve their fitness goals. The presence of others can also be a source of inspiration and support.
Expert Guidance: Swimming classes led by experienced instructors can offer expert guidance on proper technique, form, and safety. This can help participants improve their swimming skills and avoid injury.
Structured Workout: Group swimming classes can offer a structured workout that targets specific muscle groups, improves cardiovascular health, and increases overall fitness.
Variety: Swimming classes can offer a variety of workouts that incorporate different strokes, drills, and equipment. This can keep the workout fresh and interesting, preventing boredom and promoting adherence to the program.
Access to Facilities: Group swimming classes are typically held at community centers, health clubs, or public pools that offer access to a variety of facilities, such as locker rooms, showers, and hot tubs.
Lower Cost: Group swimming classes can be more cost-effective than hiring a personal trainer or taking private lessons. The cost is typically shared among the participants, making it more affordable for everyone.
Fun: Swimming in a group setting can be a fun and enjoyable way to stay active and healthy. It can also be an opportunity to relax, unwind, and have some fun with like-minded people.
Buddy system: In a group swim class setting, children will have an opportunity to swim or race along side with their buddy and helping each other to improve.
Enhanced Motivation: When there is a team, there is encouragement and motivation. Every child would want to excel well to impress their friend and keep the whole team totally motivated. Fast result ensure as the result when everyone want to do well.