Group Class Swimming Lessons

A group of swimmer learning to swim at Clementi swimming complex.
Group swimming lessons in Singapore.

Whether is Group Class Swimming Lessons or Private class swimming lesson, the goal is the same. To be able to swim. Learning to swim provide participant with a life skill, the ability to swim and is an important skill that could lead to saving other lives in the event of emergency. Everyone come in different personalities, and the way they learn is also different (Some learn faster, some slower), so there is no one answer that fits all. Below are some of the pointers that provide you the advantge of Group Class Swimming Lessons.

Advantage of Group Class Swimming Lessons

  • In most of your child’s school swimming classes, a coach is assigned to 10 pax with 2 groups of 5 (During the covid-19 measure for swimming) since year 2020. A group of peer will learn from a swim coach and train together.
  • Most of the Swimmers can be quite motivated simply by watching their peers and trying to copy the skills that their friends could do. This is a a great opportunity to improve their swimming skills as such action are great for visual learner.
  • Group lessons can provide an environment where healthy competition between swimmers can encourage them to work harder to be better and improve their swimming technique, endurance and speed. Just like how they would like to complete “Challenge” their peer in race and speeding game.
  • Group class swimming lessons are usually fixed and on going for a long term basis. This kind of fixed schedule is good for your child to plan time for swimming lessons.
  • The cost of group swimming lesson are lower than the cost of private swimming class.
  • Instructors may have to deliver more generalized lesson plans in order to cater for ranging abilities and needs within a lesson.
  • Group lessons allow swimmers to learn important skills and social etiquette that can be carried into day to day life such as focus, following instructions, patience and acceptance.
  • Swimmers can forge a life-long bonds, cooperation, teamwork and friendships with other students in their lessons and feel what it is like to be part of a team working towards a common goal- to achieve their best form.
  • Many games such as swim relay, tug of war or speed boat challenge and buddy system can be implemented with such kind of group class swimming lesson setting.

Frequently Asked Question on Group Class Swimming Lesson

As the schedule for group class swimming lesson is fixed and on going, we will proceed to do the land drills and revise on their stroke on land. Swimming lessons is not only to be done in the pool. Some beneficial effect can be seen doing on land as well. In fact the purpose of land drills is to help them in the biomechanic movement and make them understand and aware of such movement. It also helped them in nurturing their physic and enhance their moto skills. In one example, 2 team of table tennis were put into the experiment. Team A spend half the time watching table tennis video, and spend the remaining time practicing. Team B spend the whole time practicing table tennis without watching the table tennis video. Which team do you think will perform better? Team A or B?

Group class swimming lessons will make your child commit to the schedule on the weekly basis. As long as their commitment is there, to learn swimming diligently and make good progress, this is helping to mold their character building in a good way. For group class terms and conditions, you can read here.