How to view Swimsafer E Certificate

We have created a video for you to view your swimsafer E certificate from your activesg app. Please remember to log in to the respective person whom you wish to view the swimsafer cert.

Follow the step and you will be alright.

What if I still cannot view my swimsafer E cert?

You have to liase with your respective coach and ask him to help. Usually, the swimsafer admin will required the assessment code, your child ic number, name, dob, swimsafer stage and the time and date of the swimsafer assessment test.

How long will it take for me to view the swimsafer certificate?

After you have completed your swimsafer skill assessment, you need to do the swimsafer quiz online. Click here to do if you have not done so. The system will generate the E cert only after you have done your swimsafer quiz online. However if your child fail the practical test, there will be NO CERT generated even if you pass the Online Theory.

What is the passing mark for the online swimsafer quiz?

The passing mark is 80%. After you have finished all the quizz and hit the “submit” button, the result will appear. That will determine if you have pass or fail the online theory quiz. Multiple attempts is allowed to do the online swimsafer quiz.

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