MOE School Holidays 2023

MOE School Holidays 2023 will be publish out in a few weeks time. (Usually announce in month of Aug). You can plan ahead your long weekend thru the year along with your kids during the MOE School Holidays 2023. While waiting for the actual calendar for update list for MOE School Holidays 2023, we can give you some estimated time that will collide so that you can take leave to maximize your Holidays!! (Stay tune)

Public Holidays & MOE School Holidays 2023

Public Holidays & MOE School Holidays 2023 for download. Is FREE

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The school year for 2023 for all MOE primary and secondary schools will start on 2nd January 2024.

Semester I
Term IJan to Fri Mar 2023
Term IIMon Mar to Fri May 2023
Semester II
Term IIIMon Jun to Fri Sep 2023
Term IVMon Sep to *Fri Nov 2023

* The last day of the final school term for schools which will be used as venues for the GCE O-Level written examinations will be Friday, October 2023.

Primary and Secondary School Vacations 2023

The four vacation periods for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools for 2023 will be as follows:

Primary and Secondary Schools
Between Terms I & II13th Mar to 17th Mar 2023
Between Semesters I & II29th May to 23rd Jun 2023
Between Terms III & IV4th Sep to 8th Sep 2023
At End of School Year20th Nov to 1st Jan 2024
MOE School Holidays 2023 in SIngapore.

There are four scheduled school holidays. The Day after National Day on 10 August 2023, Teachers’ Day will be celebrated on September 2023, and Children Day on October 2023. As Youth Day falls on a Sunday (2 July 2023), the following Monday (3 July 2023) will be a school holiday.

Scheduled Primary & Secondary School Holidays

The scheduled school holidays for 2023 will be as follows:

Youth DayMon 3 Jul 2023
Day After National DayThu 10 Aug 2023
Teachers’ DayFri Sep 2023
Children’s Day
(for primary schools and primary sections of full schools only)
Fri Oct 2023
List of Additional School Holidays

Public Holidays 2023

Term 1Term 1
New Year DaySunday 1st Jan 2023
New Year Day HolidayMon 2nd Jan 2023
Chinese New Year DaySun 22 Jan 2023
Chinese New Year DayMon 23 Jan 2023
Chinese New Year Day HolidayTue 24 Jan 2023
Term IITerm II
Good FridayFri 7 Apr 2023
Hari Raya PuasaSat 22 Apr 2023
Labour DayMon 1 May 2023
Vesak DaySat 3 Jun 2023
Hari Raya HajiThu 29 Jun 2023
Term IIITerm III
National DayWed 9 Aug 2023
Term IVTerm IV
DeepavaliSun 12 Nov 2023
Deepavali HolidayMon 13 Nov 2023
Christmas DayMon 25 Dec 2023
Singapore Public Holidays for Year 2023.


Many Things you can do during the School Holiday

In a month long school holiday, you can sign up your child for some intensive enrichment program. This provide them the opportunity to learn new skills during the school holiday. As most of the children enrichment program is on weekend, the school holidays will provide them ample of free time on weekend to attend those intensive enrichment program. Here, we listed out some of the things that your child can do during their school Holidays.

1) 6 Days Holiday Swimsafer Program

Aqzog Swim School offers 6 days intensive swimsafer program where your child will be doing the swimsafer test after the program. This offer them opportunity to learn new skills and new bonding with friends. Productivity counts in this sense cos he learn a new skills during the school holiday and could become a water confident kids after the school holiday. This kind of transformation will definitely surprise all his friends in school. 🙂

How often do you offer swimsafer intensive program?

We provide swimsafer program every school holidays in June and Dec every year.

How do I sign up?

We will put up online registration for the 6 days intensive swimsafer program in mar for June Holiday Program and aug for Dec Holiday Program. You can check out our website when it is ready.

2) Rock Climbing

Sign up your child for some rock climb experience. They have branches at SportHub, Funan, Katong, and Novena. Let your kid have some outdoor fun. You can visit their website here.

3) Cycling

With the park connector linking up from different part of singapore, you can explore the route thru cycling. Remember to bring some water, some cash and towel and go with your friends in group. Remember to exercise road safety when you are cycling in the public place.

4) Visit the Science Centre

Take a tour at Science Park and explore to increase your knowledge of science and understand how things work.

5) Visit the Library

There is almost a library at every estate in singapore. They are open during the school holiday. Grab some books to read. Story books, Friction, non friction, tales, history, etc. Borrow your book of interest. Then you will tend to read more. Broaden your horizons with knowledge during the school holiday. There are such opportunity for you to grow your knowledge during this time.

Calendar Year 2023 at a glance

Year 2023 Calendar without holidays. We want to give you the flexibility of choice to mark your own planning.

There will be 2 types of calendar in year 2023 for you to download with High Definition, Crispy Clear format in our next download. One type with our local public holiday with MOE school holidays and the other type will be just plain calendar without holidays and without MOE school holiday just like the one you on the picture above. It will be in A4 size format so you can print and pin up. We will finalize the school holiday and prepare one for you when the MOE make the announcement in Aug. We have just removed the calendar download link and will put up soon. So stay tune to this page.

Year 2023 calendar with MOE School Holiday and Public Holiday. A4 size high resolution print out and pin on your desk board serve as gentle reminder for your important task. We will prepare the upload for you once the set up is complete.

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