Motivate Swimmers

Progressive Learning in Singapore Swimming Lessons.
Learn to swim the right way.

Motivate Swimmers also requires interpersonal skills and observation. Often, children dislike swimming due to boredom, routine or similar workout every week or when instruction is not clear to the learner. As far as possible, learning in the game play setting is usually an ideal learning environment in the current year context. It inspires them to learn well and enjoy swimming lesson.

How learning to swim can become your favorite subject

Scenario 1: Remember what subject you hated most in school? Your teacher were not understanding, not teaching you properly enough and given you tons of questions that you were struggling with answers. Not solving your problem. Gradually over time, you tend to hate the subject and wishes the day would never come or wishing that the teacher could be replaced by someone else? You didn’t like the subject in your growing up years cos of the bad experience you had and you felt demoralised.

Scenario 2: You started your lesson with fun learning and could able to cope well. Your teacher could identify your problem and give you proper guidance and ensuring that you do it well. On and off, he would ask about how you coping with the lesson and was it better than before or did you understand the subject that you have problem with? Gradually you started to improve and getting better at it. You know what to do in the lessons and any problem could be solved easily. Your interest grow and so is your motivation to learn. That is a positive learning environment we would like your child to have.

Therefore, any subject can be your favorite subject if the guidance is given and the problem is detected and recified early.

3 Reasons Students are Motivated to participate swimming lesson

  • To have Fun
  • To make friends and spend time with friends
  • to learn new things
  • enjoy swimming lesson
  • pick up skills faster

3 Reasons Student wish to leave or retire from swimming

  • Training no longer enjoyable
  • they stop learning new things
  • they stop improving
  • the fun is not there anymore
  • negative words is use often that demoralised them

As a coach, we need to track and check that every learner are progressively improving and not leaving anyone behind. In this kind of coaching model, every child will feel they belong to a team that grow up enjoying swimming lessons. It will foster a great cooperation and they will have a good childhood memory about swimming when they grow up.

What if I know how to swim?

Being able to swim and have water competency opens up your door of opportunities. You could do many aquatic sports. The diagram below shown some of the existing sports.