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History of Pineapple Tarts

Peranakans were the first to give birth to the delightful pastry, pineapple tarts. They were the descendants of the Chinese immigrants who came to the Malay peninsula which include the Dutch Eastern Indies as well as the British Malaya.

Ripe Pineapples are Golden in Color, sweet and soft

In the early 70s and 80s, pineapple tarts were mostly home made. Housewife, home maker, Ah Ma will be busy doing marketing to find their best pick- a huge, ripe pinepple to make the pineapple paste. Those days, the pineapple paste was made thru a laborious progress. The pineapple skins and the “eye” were first removed. Then shred them to fine paste, cooked and mixed with sugar, maltose and other ingredients to soften the paste. Some added cinnamon during the cooking process for the aroma. The author was the young boy back then, who watched and saw how his grandma, mother, relative make those paste and tarts in the early days.

The tarts were then baked in the oven using charcoal, (We didnt have gas stove during those days) and stored them in a sealed biscuit tin. Relatives that came to visit us love our tarts and request to make for them and some for their friends the following years. So this has became an annual affair till this day. Proud moment. 🙂

The Shape of our Peranakan Pineapple Tarts SIngapore is unique. Very rare fine. 🙂

5 things about Pineapple Tarts

1) Peranakan

Peranakans were the first to give birth to the delightful pastry, pineapple tarts. They were the descendants of the Chinese immigrants who came to the Malay peninsula which include the Dutch Eastern Indies as well as the British Malaya. The Portugese Immigrants were renowned for their tarts and pastries which influenced the Peranakans, and together with the plenty amount of pineapple plantations in the region, this led to the creation of pineapple tarts. So if you buy from any Peranakan today, chances that you will get the authentic taste of the pineapple tarts.

2) “Ong Lai” = Fortune Come

Pineapple Tarts are enjoyed during Chinese New Year because pineapple in hokkien “Ong Lai” means “Fortune Come” in direct translation. Many chinese believe this to be auspicious to have them during Chinese New Year and giving them as gifts will mean wishing the other party good fortune and good luck. In some families that you visited, you probably can find a few different supplier for pineapple tarts and they often commented that home made is still the best.

3) Tarts has other Name too

Besides the term pineapple tarts, there are alternative names for this pastry like Nastar, Tat Nanas, Kueh Tae. These terms are used in Indonesia which are famous during their festive occasions like Natal and Lebaran.

4) Tarts are enjoyed in other Festive

During the Chinese New Year, there is a tub of pineapple tarts in every household. at Think pineapple tarts are only consumed during Chinese New Year? Well you thought wrong. Pineapple tarts are also often consumed during Deepavali as well as Hari Raya! Although our pineapple tarts are not halal, there are halal versions of them around.

Different Shape and Size of Pineapple Tarts

5) Tarts has many shapes and sizes

Tarts come in many shapes and sizes. They have round shape, ball shape, square shape, rolled type, and the pineapple shape. The pineapple shape are more rare cos every piece are skilfully craft out to make the pineapple pattern-like. That was what we have been making for our clients thru the years since 1978.

A Zoom Up View of our Tart, Fragrance, Crispy & Soft. Warning: It’s addictive!!

You often heard over many times that Home Made Pineapple Tarts taste Better than those selling outside.

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5 Special Reasons about our Peranakan Pineapple Tarts

  • Grandma Recipe– Our Peranakan Pineapple Tarts are still made the same way as our Grandmother generation. So you can still enjoy the nostalgic moment.
  • Hand- Made-Everything is Hand Made from the pineapple paste to the skin paste using the freshest ingredients.
  • Unique Shape-The Shape of our tarts are unique. Each piece is skillfully craft out to make it look like an pineapple. One of the rare unique shape you can hardly find in Singapore.
  • Fragrance, Delicious, Soft– Using the finest & the best ingredients, putting in our heart and soul into the making, was the reason for the creation of our tarts
  • Home Made Pineapple Paste– We select the ripe and sweet pineapple for the paste, along with other ingredients to make it soft, fragrance and tender.

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Further Reading & Your Experimenting

The above recipe are recommend by most of the reader and housewife that have experimented with good results. You can try your hand on it. Enjoy your baking. 🙂

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