OWS- Open Water Swim.

Open Water Swim Experience at East Coast Park.

OWS- Open Water Swim Event is Jointly Organised by a team of coaches namely Michael Soong, Owen Gian, Raymond Tan, Justin Chua, Kris Chua and Ivan Tham. Together, we decided do this event by providing them the opportunity of open water swimming experience .

Our Prize Winners

E- cert will be sent to your Email address upon completion.
Finding your way to the Event Site on 10th July 2022. Meeting Point Near BBQ Pit D27.
Prizes to be given away for the Open Water Event.

Grouping Details

Grouping details.
DIrection to the Open water Event Place if you are using the public transport.

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Program Highlight on 10th July 2022 (Sunday)

  • 8:30am Registration start
  • 9:15am First wave kick off
  • 9:25am Second wave kick off
  • 9:35am Third wave kick off
  • 9:45am Fourth wave kick off
  • 9:55am Fifth wave kick off
  • 10:00am Types of Rescue, Sighting in Open Water, Survival in open water
  • 10:30am Games
  • 11:00am Lucky Draws

What are the prizes to be given?

  • 3 battery operated water toys of Green, Purple and Blue.
  • 2 shampoo
  • 1 Shower gel
  • 3 Goggles
  • 3 Portable Fan
  • Snacks and Candies
  • 1 Hello Kitty

The Kusu Heritage Swim Committee member are as follows

Organizing Committee

Coach Owen Gian

Founder of Progressive Aquatic

Coach Ivan Tham

Founder of Ivan Swim School

Coach Michael Soong

Founder of Mike Swim

Coach Justin Chua

Founder of Justin Swim

Coach Kris Chua

Founder of Swim with Kris

Coach Raymond

Coach Raymond Tan

Founder of AQZOG

Open Water Swim in Singapore

Open water Swim is a swimming activity that take place outdoor that is not a swimming pool. It could be a lake, a river, a sea or any where that has water in the nature land. The experience of swimming in open water and in the swimming pool is totally different. A person may be able to swim in the swimming pool but might not be able to swim properly in open water.

A few places of open water swimming are available in singapore namely, Changi Beach, Sentosa and East Coast Park. Swimming in Singapore open water is a fruitful experience. When swimming in the sea, you will notice that your eye is not painful when expose to such water. You will feel the waves and the wave of the sound. Is truly a new experience for those swimming in the sea for the first time. You will also feel lighter in the sea than in the swimming pool.

Why open water swimming in Singapore?

Nowadays, the weather changes very quickly and a sunny day could become a rainy day the next moment. Some years, we have alot of rainy seasons and we often heard flash flooding in the town area or even in the city. Such incident could become a reality and this open water swim give opportunity for anyone to experience swimming in the nature.

The open water swimming give you some idea about how swimming in nature is like and how you would respond/react if you were caught up in such a situation.

What will you gain from the Open Water Swimming?

  • Tons of knowledge and experience about open water swimming
  • Feel the difference between swimming in the pool and open water swimming
  • Gain more water confidence than ever
  • First few regular pool swimmers to have experiencing swimming in open water.
  • Something for you to ponder for the next open water event in future.
  • Getting ready to take part in biathlon (Swim + Run) or triathlon (Swim + Bike + Run)

Frequently Asked Question for Open Water Swim Event

What is the minimum age requirement to join?

At least 6 years old and above.

My child has some swim basic. Can he join?

Yes. The main idea behind is about water safety awareness so this initiative is good for him. He can join.

Can a non swimmer take part?

Yes he can. We will provide them the necessary assistance and equipment on the day itself.

How will I get my E cert?

Sample E Cert for Open water swim

We will send to your email address upon completion. It will be E-mailed to you by 13th July 2022.

What if it rain on that day?

We will have our backup plan for wet weather program. We will still proceed as plan. There is a shelter near the toilet area and we will gather there if it rain. The sheltered toilet is still near the same meeting place.