Private Class Swimming Lessons


Enrolling your child in private class swimming lessons has a paramount advantages and progress for any learner.

First of all, we have to clarify with both commonsense and experience that private swimming lessons at your home pool are far better and have a much more positive effect on the learning process than group swimming lessons in a public pool.

Whatever the subject of learning, personal attendance by experienced and qualified teachers or instructors have much better results than the usual impersonal teaching that is associated with group classes because the focus on your child is 100% of the entire lesson.

Personal Interaction in Private Class Swimming Lessons

The first and most obvious advantage has just been mentioned: Personal interaction and caring have, indeed, no parallel. The swim teacher can focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the students and adjust the training accordingly.

On the other hand, when we speak about group swimming lessons, such personal attention is not very possible to happen. Although the possible obstacles for the further development of the students are quite standard (e.g. possible fear of water, shyness, and hesitation to ask questions and speak about any difficulties etc.) each individual is unique and private swimming lessons are perfectly suitable for matching with their distinct personality traits.

Personalised Goal Setting in Private Class Swimming Lessons

Another significant advantage of private swimming lessons is that they allow the setting of personalized goals for the students. Because every student is different, the planning and implementation of a personal growth development rate are essential. This is very difficult to achieve in group swimming lessons, especially when students have different levels of swim knowledge and different learning capacities.

The convenience of Location and Flexibility on Scheduling Your Swimming Lessons

Private swimming lessons give the students an important advantage of choosing the timetable that suits their needs and lifestyle. Managing your schedule is very important, not only for obvious practical reasons but also because it allows you to enhance your learning efficiency.

Even if you miss a lesson, you can easily reschedule it, while in group swimming lessons, it would be almost impossible to fit your timetable with all the other members of the group.

Faster Improvement of Swimming Skills in Private Class Swimming Lessons

Survey has shown that students who attend private swimming lessons advance their skills at a faster pace comparing to the ones who attend group swimming lessons. Indeed, receiving focused attention from the swim teacher and being able to modify the training according to the special skills and needs of each student are great advantages. Moreover, the absence of any distractions, which are quite usual in group classes, is a special bonus that contributes to faster learning where attention given to the child is 100 percent.