Public Pool Weekly Maintenance Schedule

The public pool weekly maintenance schedule in Singapore performed cleaning the pool and filtrations, adjusting the pH level and taking care of chemical inventory, etc. These maintenance are important to maintain cleanliness for you to swim without any worries. Thanks to the lifeguard and the pool maintenance personal that make this possible for us to enjoy swimming in clean water. The pool operator also have a heavy responsibilities in ensuring that the pH water remain consistent and the chemical to the pool must not exceed that might be harmful to the well being. The pool operator must also ensure that the chemical storage is kept in low inventory yet, enough to maintain the pool operations. They have to follow the Transportation Emergency Response Plan (TERP) for transport of hazardous substances such the use chlorine-containing chemicals (such as sodium / calcium hypochlorite) for disinfection, and acids (such as hydrochloric acid) for pH adjustment of pool water, to implement the following measures where relevant. In the event of emergency relating with chemical problem, they have to link with MOM, NEA, SCDF and SPF for escalation.

So therefore, we must appreciate the work they done to maintain clean water and the pH of the pool water and also the fact that they are shouldering such heavy responsibilities.

Below are the weekly schedule from Monday to Thursday at various pool in Singapore.