Singapore Public Holidays Year 2023

Singapore Public Holidays 2023. In the Chinese Calendar, 2023 is Year of Rabbit.

Singapore Public Holidays with School Holidays in Year 2023
Singapore Public Holidays Year 2023 with MOE School Holidays

The above calendar show both the 2023 Public Holidays and MOE School Holidays. These dates may be modified as official changes are announced, so please check back regularly for their updates. In case you love our calendar and wanted to print these CLEAR High Resolution Format (WITHOUT WATERMARK) and pin on your deskboard, you are welcome. Its FREE. You would not lose any important message anymore and the best part, it does not require battery. Therefore your IMPORTANT data will not be lost.

Public Holidays & MOE School Holidays 2023

Public Holidays & MOE School Holidays 2023 for download. Is FREE

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11st January 2023SundayNew Year’s Day 新年 一月一日2023
22nd January 2023MondayNew Year Holiday *
322nd January 2023SundayChinese New Year 春节
423rd January 2023MondayChinese New Year Holidays
524th January 2023TuesdayChinese New Year Holidays *
67th April 2023FridayGood Friday 耶稣受难日
722nd April 2023SaturdayHari Raya Puasa 开斋节
81st May 2023MondayLabour Day 劳动节
93rd June 2023SaturdayVesak Day 韦塞节
1029th June 2023ThursdayHari Raya Haji 哈芝节
119th August 2023WednesdayNational Day 国庆日
1212th November 2023SundayDeepavali 屠妖节
1313th November 2023MondayDeepavali Holiday *
1425th December 2023MondayChristmas Day 圣诞节
* Denote Replacement Holiday when Sunday is a public holiday in 2023. There are 10 public holidays in Singapore. There will be no lessons on all the date stated herein. Please take note.

Some festive date could change. For official update announcement, visit here.

Note: If a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be a designated public holiday.

Singapore Public Holidays Year 2023

There are 10 holidays in Singapore Public Holidays Year 2023 and they are

  1. New Year Day (Sun, 1st January 2023) *
  2. Chinese New Year (Sun, 22nd January 2023 & Mon 23rd January 2023) *
  3. Good Friday (Fri, 7th April 2023) *
  4. Hari Raya Pausa (Sat, 22nd April 2023) *
  5. Labour Day (Mon, 1st May 2023) *
  6. Vesak Day (Sat, 3rd June 2023) *
  7. Hari Raya Haji (Thur, 29th June 2023)
  8. National Day (Wed, 9th August 2023)
  9. Deepavali (Sun, 12th November 2023) *
  10. Christmas Day (Mon, 25th Dec 2023) *

Due to some of the replacement holidays on the monday (as holidays falls on a sunday), we ended up having 14 days of rest. However, that is not all. With proper planning, we could increase our rest days in a smarter way. Below will shared with you how many days of leave you could get in exchange for more rest.

What is Long Weekend?

A long weekday is usually called when you have at least 3 days of rest.

How many days of annual leave am I entitled to?

Your annual leave entitlement depends on how many years of service you have with your employer. Your year of service begins from the day you start work with your employer. Below the table show you a general guide of annual leave.
You can view here for more information.

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