Swim Enrolment

Learning to swim is easy when lesson is fun.

Fill up the swim enrolment form and start your weekly swimming lesson at AQZOG. With our play and learn approach, your child will learn swimming without knowing it.

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Swim Enrolment Form for weekly class

Frequently Asked Question on Swim Enrolment.

If it is your first visit to Public Pool for Swim Lesson, have you set up your Activesg Account?

There is a need to set up the activesg to gain entry to any activesg pool in singapore. Therefore, it would be better for you to set up in advance before visiting the swimming complex. If you are not sure how to do, the staff at the activesg swimming complex can help you. If you want to try it out yourself, you can check it out here. Setting up the activesg account became necessary as we transist into providing Swimsafer E-certification for your children. Upon passing the swimming test in future, the e cert will be reflected in their activesg account. No more printing of Swimsafer Certificate is necessary to save Tree, and as singapore move toward to be an eco friendly nation.

What syllabus will my child be learning from the swimming lesson?

They will be learning swimsafer program and other life saving skills.

What age can my child start learning in group setting?

4 year old and above is ideal.

How many pax per group currently ? (Updated 24th April 2022)

Currently the situation allows up to 10 pax maximum. The Fee is $100 monthly per pax for Group Class. In the event of fifth week such as 29, 30 or 31, it will be rest day. You can view our coaching fee here.

Where can I find more information about swimsafer program?

Where are the checklist for swimsafer activities?

What other swim programs do you provide?

We also provide adult learn to swim program, starting 7th May 2022 Saturday at 5:15pm Clementi (FULL). Select Saturday 5:15pm to register your interest. Read more about Adult Swim Class here.

Where are the list of activesg swimming pool in singapore?

You can check it here.

May I know how many students in a group?

There can be up to 10 pax of pupils in a group.

During the bad weather period, will the lesson be charged?

Yes, rain or shine, lessons will always continue. AQZOG swimming program has always been catered not only for good weather but also for bad weather. During the bad weather, pupils will be doing dry land drills, water safety exercises and other necessary skills to enhance their motorskills for swimming. Sometimes the rain would just come and go off suddenly. Therefore it would be a standard to attend swim lessons no matter what is the outcome of the weather. This can also help to train your child to be more discipline in their commitment and a good character building for long term.

How much is the fee and mode of payment?

The fee for group class is $100 monthly. For private class, the fee can be found here. The Mode of payment is Paylah or Paynow. Screen shot and forward to the coach after payment is made. The payment has to be made upfront 4 lessons. The payment can start on the First week of the month.

Will there be penalty for late payment?

Effective january 2022 onward, late payment of $10 per pax will be imposed and the total for group lessons will be amounted to $110. Late payment penalty will be imposed if payment is made after 15th of any month.

Do I need to bring any equipment for my swimming lessons?

Yes, you need to bring your own goggle and swimming kickboard along for swimming lessons. If you do not have the kickboard, you can buy from us. We provide every students a swimming cap and t shirts for the $35 registration fee. So you just put on your swimming wear will be ok.

What if my child is sick, is the lesson still charge?

As this is a group class setting, the lessons schedule are fixed and on going rain or shine. So if your child miss the lesson, it will be considered done.

What if my lessons falls on the holiday? Is it considered as done?

For Group class, there will be no lesson during the holiday and it is considered as done.

Where can I find your terms and conditions?

I have enrolled my child for the swim lesson. Who will be the trainer?

Your child will have the same trainer from the day he join until he graduate. The trainer is currently the founder of aqzog Raymond Tan. You can read more about him here.

My child has just finished his 6 days holiday swimsafer program with you. Can he join your weekly classes?

The slot of his class is subjected to availability. You can check personally with him to arrange. He can be reached at 91375141.