Swim Lesson Plan

Below find the most simplest lesson plan for total beginner.

  • Familiarization of the pool surrounding, where are the deep pool area, and danger zone? Pool rules and regulation explained, and learner must learn to recognize the uniform of the life guard and who they can approach for help if needed.
  • Getting wet- entering the shallow water and walk around, then coming out of the water. (If your child have water phobia, it is best to let the insructor assist him by holding his hand to enter in very shallow water)
  • Teach them to bubble in proper sequence by following the steps- Inhale- Hold- Exhale X5. Do not bored them with bubbling too long.
  • Pick floating object in shallow water. Allow the student to walk into the shallow water independently with stern supervision. Let them pick the floating object and bring back to you.
  • Using the stairway near the pool, perform the crocodiles walk with straight leg and body, and using only the arm to move forward along the stairway. Ensure they do not panic when doing this activity. Encourage them to bubble while moving their arm. Leg keep still and do not flutter yet so that they can focus better on bubbling.

Points to take note: Ensure the well being of the students by asking if they are feeling tired, out of breathe or nervous? This will ensure every child is enjoying the lessons and if the child is afraid of doing certain task, do not force them. Do things that he can do or likes to do.

  • Submerging- Let the student submerge their head briefly. Ensure they inhale first before doing the submersion. Demo bubbling to show them how this is being done. Get them to watch you do it.
  • Bubbling sing along- if you happy and you know to blow bubble– (head submerge and bubble) inject some fun in bubbling this way. Group participation can be done this way.
  • Crocodile with head submersion along stair way x5.
  • Stationary crocodile, with small mini leg kicking action- feel toe and toe rubbing each other as part of sensory skill practise.
  • Rest on back in shallow water stair way. Some might not be comfortable due to water entering the ear. (If the water enter the ear, is a normal thing. It will flow out eventually.) If it doesn’t, then tilt head on affected side of the ear and jump hard until water flow out. Do not hit your head to force the water out. You may hurt yourself by hitting your head too hard. There is a proper way to do it as mentioned.
  • Remove goggle, sprinkle water on their face. Encourage pupils to just blink their eye instead of using hand to rub their eye.