Swimfanatic Open Water Series in 2019 at East Coast with Team of Coaches.

Swimfanatic is a team of like minded coaches joining in together to host a swim events such as novice swimming competition and open water swimming. The whole idea is to provide them an opportunity to experience what swimming is about. Sometimes we race, sometimes we have fun in the sun.

Here is your chance to experience Open Water Swimming which is more important than your weekly swimming classes.

Driven with Passion, United with Common Goals,

Swimfanatic Presented to you, Our Open Water Swim.

By Team of Coaches

Goal of Open Water Swimming

  • To foster friendship and sportmanship
  • To built water confidence in open water
  • To allow opportunity for biathlon and triathlon
  • To give swimmers a good feel of nature
Swimfanatic was started in 2016.
Our 2nd Swimfanatic meet at Queenstown.
Another of our swim meet held at Serangoon Swimming Complex

The Covid-19 pandemic hit us in early 2020 till April 2022 for almost 2 years. This year we are back.

Organizing Committee

Coach Owen Gian

Founder of Progressive Aquatic

Coach Ivan Tham

Founder of Ivan Swim School

Coach Desmond

Founder of Flying Fish

Coach Herman

Founder of Flying Fish Comp Squad

Coach Peter

Triathlon Coach and Swim Coach

Coach Richard

Founder of WSC Water Kids

Coach Raymond

Coach Raymond Tan

Founder of AQZOG

Coach Martin

Founder of Condo Swim Coaches

Swimfanatic Open Water Event on 11th Sept 2022 *Sunday

On the September 2022, coaches are gearing up another open water event to allow swimmers to have a good exposure on open water. It will be held at the amber beacon tower.

Swimfanatic Open Water Event- Amber Beacon Tower

Look out for this tower. We are nearby

Getting there

Take a stroll down from parkway parade and the underpass.

Swimfanatic Event Sign Up

First 20 sign up will get the battery operated toy via Credit Card Sign up Only. Get your kid ready for the open water swim on 11th Sept 2023.

Upon Enrolment, you may just do your fee arrangement with your own coach.
Fee Payment Matter
Enrolment under a coach
1) Upon Enrolment, you may make payment with your respective coach.

Enrolment under Public (without coach)
1.1) Upon enrolment, you may make payment to AQZOG SWIM SCHOOL via Credit card payment.

2) Payment must be made after enrolment so that the admin can tally up the total number of confirmed participants.

3) There shall be no refund/ no pro-rated payment in the event of no show.

6) The event venue and time are confirmed

7) In the event of bad weather, please proceed to turn up as usual as we have other plans in store for you.


I hereby agree that organiser shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury caused to my child/ward in connection with my child's/ward's participation in the swimming programme.

I also agree to abide by and be bound by the terms and conditions as stipulated above , subject to any amendments made from time to time by the organiser.

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My child cannot swim. Can join?

Yes He or she can join. We will provide them a life jacket and they will be guiding along the route continuously.

How many Events can they take part?

There is only one event he can join.

Is swimming in the pool different from swimming in the open water?

Yes, a great difference. In open water, the water is salty, and there are waves. You can expect to be able to float better than in the swimming pool.

What other things I need to prepare when I go for this event?

Make sure you are in your swimming attire. You can bring along your goggle if you want. However, you will be surprise that your eye will not so irritated when you swim without goggle in the open water.

How to get there?

Just watch out for the Amber Beacon Tower. There is only one such tower at east coast park.

What is the benefit of Early Bird Sign Up?

You will get your toy on the event day if you are among the first 20 sign up. However, the sign up must be done via credit card payment only.

How do I know if I am still in the early bird sign up?

You will be notified via email upon enrolment that you are among the 20 that sign up.

Why only credit card payment will get the toy?

So that the system is able to first come first serve via the line assigned for the enrolment.

What are the benefits for this open water event

  • To prepare the kids well in case of emergency
  • To expose them on open water
  • To experience the nature of waves and water temperature
  • To gain their confidence in the open water

What your kids will be doing?

  • Enter the sea
  • Swim a loop (around 50m)
  • Exit & Run to entry point
  • Repeat.

There will be a e certificate award for participant. More details will be announce later.