Swimming Program

Types of swimming program
Types of swimming program in singapore to cater to your needs.

We provide a few types of swimming program for you and your family.

Baby Swim Class

  • Managing Baby Reflexes in water
  • Fun in the water
  • Participating Age 1-2.5 year
  • Understanding Survival skills for baby

Kids Swim Class

Swimsafer Program

  • 6 Stages of Progressive Lessons
  • Most Popular Swim Program use in MOE School.
  • Motivate kids to excel another stage of challenge.
  • Stages are challenges for kids to participate to become better swimmers.

Holiday Swim Class

  • Every June & Dec
  • 6 days of lessons over 2 weeks
  • With Swimsafer Test
  • Express Swim Program with Fast Results
  • Most Popular Swim Program
  • Most can swim in just 6 days of effective training
  • All levels are welcome
  • Public & Condo lessons can be arranged.

Short term Adult Swim Class

  • Progressive Lessons
  • Assure effective Results
  • Group & Private Class setting can be arranged.
  • Water Phobia are welcome to join
  • Easy Drills to follow.
  • Demo and Explanation.

Ladies Swim Class

  • Coach by Lady Instructor
  • All Ladies Group only
  • Water Phobia are welcome to join
  • Easy Drills to follow
  • Simple Demo with Explanation.
  • Group & Private can be arranged

Special Needs Class

  • Equipment & Aids provided
  • Group & Private can be arranged
  • Progression Training
  • Easy drills to follow.

Competitive Swim Class

  • Aerobic & Anaerobic Training
  • Understand energy system for swimming
  • Starts, Turns, Finishes will be taught.
  • Land Drills training for core strength
  • Good choice for SSPA, club competition.

Learn Butterfly in 8 Days

  • Ideal for Swimmers or to be coaches
  • Great fly workout
  • Understanding Fly functions
  • Feel the tempo of butterfly
  • Make things simple for you to learn.
  • < 8 days to fly assured,

Strokes Correction

  • Correction & Fine Tuning
  • Simple & Easy Drills
  • Apply Logic & Understand
  • Connecting the Dots
  • Demo & Explanation
  • Kids & Adults Swimmer welcome

Swimsafer Quiz Answers

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