Holiday Swimsafer Program

Enrol your child for a 6 days of awesome swimming lessons during the holiday. Click here to Sign up.
6 Days Intensive Swimsafer 2.0 Holiday Program
Nurture Confident Kids, Stong Swimmers

Holiday Swimsafer Program

In our 6 days Holiday Swimsafer Program, take this opportunity to transform Non Swimmer to Confident Kids. Let the magical moment take place this coming school holiday. Have fun with our swimming improvement program.

Holiday Swimsafer Program was conducted during the June and December months. These are the period where kids are having their holidays and free from homework and school days. The 6 days of express lane toward swimsafer certification is highly recommended for busy kids who has no time for their weekly classes and is in preparation for their MOE swimsafer program after their school holiday.

Since 2007, AQZOG has organized such holiday swimming program in Singapore. The 6 days swimming lessons were spread over 2 weeks (3 lessons per week) followed by a Swimsafer Test Assessment. The advantage of such program provide your child a productive swimming lesson experience especially for kids who were too busy to attend weekly swimming class. To many, they are only free during the holiday, so this program is very suitable for them. On top of a fun swimming lessons, with a proven & reliable teaching system in placed, Plus a certified and experience coach to guide them, your child will naturally progress over the 2 weeks.

Advantages of the AQZOG Holiday Swimsafer Program:

  • Fast Result in the Shortest Time
  • Busy kids could free up their time to learn swimming during the school holiday, so a productive way to manage their time to learn new skills.
  • This crash swimsafer course could prepare them better to the next skill level when they enrol their school swimming program.
  • Bonding time and nurture friendships and understanding of cooperation and team work, thus forge new Friendship.
  • Surprise family and friends from the whole lot of their own swimming transformation- Evolved from Non Swimer to Swimmer.
  • Receive certification
  • Forge new
  • Productive way to manage their time to learn new skills
  • Increase the knowledge on water safety
  • improved skillset
  • Increase in water confidence
  • reduce the risk of drowning now that they know some basic survival skills
  • a good opportunity to obtain swimsafer certification
June 2022 Clementi Holiday Swim Progra
The most exciting swimming lessons is here in June. Sign up today.

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Watch our previous compiled Holiday Swimsafer Program

June 2022 Holiday Swimsafer Program
June 2022 Holiday Swimsafer Program is the most exciting event the children are looking forward. Let the magic moment surprise your classmate after june holiday.

How to get to Clementi Swimming Pool

Benefit of Holiday Swimsafer Program

  • Increased swim confidence as a result of better recall and repetition.
  • Improved swim strokes as a result of daily practice.
  • Improved muscle memory of swim skills due to repetition.
  • Faster progression of swim ability as skills are built on daily.
  • Boosts enjoyment in swimming
  • Great introduction to swimming for all ages if they have not been swimming before
  • Social Bonding and make new friends
  • Swimsafer Certification and other types of rewards.
  • Free gifts, souvenir and goodies bag
  • Great for busy kids who has no time for weekly swimming class

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What will they learn during the 6 days swim program

In Summary, they will learn the following:

  • Pool entry
  • Submerging
  • Swimming strokes
  • Logic Sequencing in Swimming
  • Sensory Skill Practices
  • Few types of floating skills
  • Recognizing emergency
  • How to react to emergency
  • Save other or self first?

Advantages of the Holiday Swimsafer Program

Frequently Asked Question on Holiday Swimsafer Program

We would prefer your child to be at least 5 years and above.

Yes he can still join. He will be trained for the requirement needed to clear Swimsafer Stage 4. For details of swimsafer stage 4, read here.

It is not compulsory for your child to be taking the Swimsafer test, although there might be certain benefits from your child’s school, such as getting exempted from their compulsory swimming lessons in Primary 3. Sometimes other school offer open water sports program such as dragon boating canoeing or wind surfing, they might need a minimum requirement of at least a swimsafer stage 4- Bronze to ascertain the child’s capability and ability.

You can check here.

For situation like this, your child need at least a swimsafer stage 3 in order to ascend to swimsafer stage 4. We can arrange for him is to get a double swimsafer certificate which consider of stage 3 and 4 during the holiday swimsafer program.

We conduct at Clementi Swimming Complex for 6 days over 2 weeks. One week your child will do swimming lessons for 3 times, usually on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday over 2 weeks. The last week of the swimming program, there will be a swimsafer test.

Yes, we can arrange to do the lessons even if your child are of different skill level. You need to select “Other” then state your condo name in the registration form.

The registration will start in April/May 2022. If you would like to be notified thru a gentle reminder, please sign up our newsletters.

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