Kid Swimming Class

Kid Swimming Class
A Happy Kid is a Confident Kid in our kid swimming class

AQZOG Swimming School provide the best kid swimming class for children age 3.5 onward until 15 years of age. Some children learn at later stage of their life due to other commitment at earlier stage, some learn later after getting enough courage to face water due to water phobia issue. Those were amazing results that your child will achieve. So you have done the right choice in choose the right school at the right place and right time.

Kids learn better when they are younger and while their bodies and joints are still flexible. Children that learn swimming are becoming more intelligent and smarter due to the “thinking process” and the rythmic pace/ feeling of water that they have been trained up.

Children who learn how to swim at a young age are reaching many developmental milestones earlier than the norm. Watch Video Here

Benefits of Kid’s Swimming Class

  • Children achieved physical milestone faster than kids that do not participate in swimming
  • They Usually do well in Math, Arts and Science
  • Kids are Smarter when they learn swimming.
  • Improve cardiovascular function and body flexibility
  • Body well tone up from head to toe
  • Better body shape since swimming train all parts of the body.
  • The bonding they made with their peers are unique and enjoyable
  • Due to the time spend on training, they learn about leadership and friendship.
  • They understand what it takes to work as a team, eg relay swim games, tug of war, etc
  • boost their self esteem and confident.
A Happy Kid is a Confident Kid
Happy Kid having Swim Lessons
Holiday Swim Program Dec 2018

Common approach to learning

  • Progressive swimming lessons plan
  • Easy to follow instruction
  • Frequent Swimsafer Test to give them motivation and certification
  • Fun Drills and Learn at Play with Games- adventure race
  • Variety of swimming drills and workout.
  • Different drills every week so that kids will be in for lots of surprises.
  • Picture learning mode- easy to understand.
  • Teaching using Swimsafer Syllabus.

Group Kid Swimming Class

Our Kid swimming class are on-going on weekly basis, so that you can plan your child to fit into his schedule. Like any music lessons or tuitions classes, your child will learn with a group of friends and seeing them every week for swimming lesson.

This type of learning setting, will provide them an opportunity to grow their social skills and bonding. They will learn to understand what is cooperation and team work. In a group learning mode, we could do relay swim games, and speedboat racing. Kids love it when come to racing. Obviously if your child has a younger or older brother who wish to join in the same time slot altogether, they are welcome to do that.

Our group kid class swimming class have mixed skills ability. However, It does not impact or affect the lessons of other kid because every child will be doing certain skills set meant for their abilities. Such kind of setting is usually benefits all skills level. In such scenario, the weaker swimmers will tag along with the stronger swimmers and the learner will have some ideas about the whole process. Thus they will learn faster as time goes by in a competitive environment.

Private Kid Swimming Class

Cannot find time to fit your child’s schedule into our weekly class? We can provide private kid swimming class for your child. Coach would be able to travel down to your designated pool location for swimming lesson.

For private kid swimming class, we provide the following advantages

  • Personalize progressive lesson plan
  • Swimming equipment for ease of learning
  • Simple instruction & Easy to understand
  • Fun creative simple drills to improve coordination
  • Safety games and learning toys.
  • fast and effective results within 4 weeks
  • your child get the whole attention time with the coach.

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