Swimsafer Stage 2

Swimsafer Stage 2 activity table
Activity table for Swimsafer Stage 2

Stage 2 Swimsafer 2.0 Skills Assessment


  • Swim 25m on front crawl or breaststroke
  • Swim 15m on back/ Supine

Survival Sequence 2A (w/o goggles)

  • Step-in Entry
  • Front float for 10 sec keeping still
  • Swim 5m on front, rollover and continue. Purpose of this drills is to allow you to change position without assist.
  • Swim 5m on back
  • Back float for 10 sec
  • Scull, float and tread water for 30 sec. Hint: using breast stroke kick is easier to tread water.
  • In chest-deep water, perform feet-first surface dive and recovers an object. Hint: Open your eye in water without goggle.
  • Resurface and exit safely from water

Survival Sequence 2B (w/o goggles)

Dress in swimwear, t-shirt and shorts:

  • Swim 15m using any survival stroke
  • Swim to pool edge and climb out
  • Fit a PFD and jump into 1.4m deep water
  • Swim 25m with PFD and climb out of water

Learning outcome for Swimsafer 2.0 Stage 2

  • Master at least 2 strokes either Freestyle/ Backstroke or Breaststroke/ Survival Back
  • Able to open eye in water without goggle
  • Able to jump into deep pool without support and perform a back float
  • Able to swim back to wall from a distance without support.
  • About to pick up object in a 1m to 1.2m depth.
  • Good and improved bubbling technique

FAQ for Swimsafer Stage 2

Treading water and feet first surface dive. This really helps your child to gain water confident to another level progressively.

In this swimsafer stage 2, wearing a life jacket is to prepare you better in the event of emergency. This is liken to a situation where a ship is going to sink and everyone is running for their life. You will quickly scout for the life jacket, put it on quickly and make your escape. That is why you also need to know where is the life jacket being placed in the cruise ship the next time you go for your trip, and observe/plan/determine your escape route on board in order to be well prepared.

Stage 2 your child will learn to tread water briefly in less than 30 sec.

In Swimsafer Stage 1, they will be taught briefly to open eye without goggle. So for Swimsafer Stage 2, He/ She has to get use to open the eye in the water. Overtime if the activity is done briefly for 2-3 min to try opening the eye in the water without goggle, they will get use to it in just a matter of time. We will play games like pick colored object without goggle and making sure they pick the right color when requested.

This is to assess your level of water confident and your ability to bubble in the water at ease. Some kids became very tense and uncomfortable the moment water enter into their goggle. They panicked and wanted the goggle to be as dry as possible before they put it on. This kind of habit need to change. So the best training sometimes is to fill up their goggle with water, wear it and swim in order to get use to it.

You need to wear t shirt and short not only in swimsafer stage 2 but other stages as well, except that in swimsafer 5 and swimsafer 6, you need to replace short with long pant. The reason for doing so is to create a scenario whereby you are fully clothed in your nice fashion wear while on board and the feeling is the same as in the pool when you wear them. So then you know how the feeling is like to be fully clothed in the water. You will realised you become heavy, draggy and hard to move your body around.

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