Swimsafer Stage 3

Assessor Checklist
for Swimsafer Stage 3

Stage 3 Swimsafer 2.0 Skills Assessment

In Swimsafer Stage 3, You need to:

  • Swim 25m on front crawl or breaststroke
  • Swim 25m on backstroke

Survival Sequence 3A (w/o goggles)

  • Stride/Straddle jump in deep water
  • Swim 25m Breaststroke/ Survival Breaststroke
  • Swim 25m Survival Backstroke
  • Scull head first on back for 5m and recover
  • Scull, float and tread water for 50sec
  • In chest-deep water, perform feet-first surface dive
  • Swim through hoops, place 2m apart using flutter/dolphin kick
  • Resurface and exit pool safely

Survival Sequence 3B (w/o goggles)

Dressed in swimwear, shorts and t-shirt demonstrate:

  • Swim25m using survival backstroke or breaststroke to a PFD
  • Correctly fit a PFD in water, swim 50m with PFD, then climb out of the water

Swimsafer Quiz Answers

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Swimsafer Stage 3 Certificate

Successful applicant will receive an E Certificate of Swimsafer Stage 2 upon passing of the Swimsafer Practical Test and the Swimsafer 2.0 Quiz.


Swimsafer Theory Test Portal

Swimsafer participant are required to complete the Swimsafer Quiz and achieve 80% to pass the test with unlimited attempts.

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The E-Certificate can only be generated upon passing both the Swimsafer Practical Test and Swimsafer Theory Test.

Learning Outcome (Swimsafer 2.0 Stage 3)

  • Know at least 3 strokes ideally Freestyle, backstroke and survival breaststroke or Breast stroke, Survival Back and Survival Breaststroke or any combination of the 3 strokes with 2 front and 1 back.
  • Treading water for 50 sec
  • Know how to wear life jacket in the water

Swimsafer Stage 3 Swim Lesson Plan

Swimsafer Stage 3 Swim Lesson Plan in Singapore

Activities/ ExerciseTeaching Points for swimsafer stage 3OrganisationDuration
Straddle Jump with DemoStep in with Incline Body & Perform an OutSweep upon touching water surface. Maintain Head above water during the activity.One by One5 mins
Survival Back Leg ActionBend – Open- Close Action. Controlled leg action. Do with care. Ensure enough personal space to prevent kicking other accidentally. All together5 mins
Sculling DemoUnderstand the effect of In Sweep, Out Sweep, Down Sweep & Up Sweep arm action.All together5 mins
Wear PFD in waterWear in water using backfloat method.One by One15 mins
Tread water wo goggleUse Energy Saving method- Save energy 30 sec, 50 sec, 1min. Space out. All together15 mins
Abstracted from one part of the swim lesson plan for swimsafer stage 3

FAQ on Swimsafer Stage 3

When doing a straddle jump, the head should not go into the water. This is for the purpose of maintain a constant eye contact with the victim so that you know where he is. Secondly, to give assurance to the victim that you are on the way to provide help. Sometimes the ocean might have debris or oil spill, and your boat is on fire. You need to get off the boat by doing straddle jump so that your head will not get dirty.

Survival breaststroke is a normal breast stroke action such that you keep your head out of the water while swimming this stroke. This is for the purpose of sighting while you swim. Some ladies doesn’t like to get their hair wet or still does not like to get their face wet, so they swim breaststroke with their head above the water. That is survival breaststroke.

Is not difficult if you know how to do backfloat at ease. The body will float better if you relax.

To better prepared you for future emergency if any, so that you know how to perform this task.

Because this is the only MOE recognised swimming program in their school. Some hope to obtain swimsafer certification privately hoping to get exemption from their school swimming program so that the child can make use o the time to focus on other subject.

6 Stages of Swimsafer


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