Swimming Strokes

This page explain the 4 standard competitive swimming strokes namely Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly.

Queenstown Swimming Complex

In the seventies, almost each new town has its own swimming facilities. Opened in January 1970, the Queenstown Swimming Complex was the first public pool built in a housing estate in Singapore. Designed with a 4m-deep diving pool as well as an Olympic-sized competition pool, Queenstown Swimming Complex was the training ground of the famous water polo…


Essential Swim Lesson Plan

An Essential Swim Lesson Plan is what molded every successful swimmers in their learn to swim career and well managing the student’s progress. Beside having a lesson plan, the proper equipment could help facilitate learner to learn easier and progress faster. There was a saying “You need to have an equipment to do your job…


5 Mistakes of Freestyle Swimming

Freestyle (Front Crawl) was the fastest among all the other strokes. In the recent Tokyo Olympic 2020, the top swim speed was recorded at 1.78m/s by Dressel from USA. Let’s look at the 5 most common mistakes of Freestyle Swimming. Freestyle Mistake #1- Improper Kicking The flutter kicking of freestyle contribute to forward propulsion if…