Swimsafer Test 2022

Set up activesg account before visiting any public swimming complex.

How to increase your passing rate for swimsafer test?

Example of a stage 3 challenges task.

We have created some template for different stages to help you increase your chance of passing the swimsafer test. We highlighted some of the challenges in each of the stages for your reference. Above is one of the example for stage 3 challenges. Click below if you want to see more about the challenges for other stages designed by AQZOG Swim School.

Swimsafer Quiz Answers

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Swimsafer Test at *Clementi Swim Complex*

Currently we are doing most of our swimsafer test at Clementi Swimming Complex.

Procedure to book swimsafer test in year 2022 from Mar thru May.

Swimsafer Test on 18th Dec 2022 Clementi Swim Complex

Swimsafer Test on 18th Dec 2022 Sunday between 9am to 11am at Clementi Swimming Complex
18th Dec 2022 Swimsafer Test Timeline at Clementi Swimming Complex

Swimsafer Test on 30th Oct 2022 between 9am to 12pm

Swimsafer Test on 30th Oct 2022 between 9am to 12pm.

Swimsafer Test on 30th Oct 2022 between 9am to 12pm.
Good luck and all the best.
Swimsafer Test on 30th July 2022 at Clementi Swimming Complex
Swimsafer Test on 31st July 2022 at Clementi Swimming Complex
List of participants for Swimsafer Test on 29th May 2022 at Clementi Swimming Complex between 12pm to 3pm.
List of participants for Swimsafer Test on 29th May 2022 at Clementi Swimming Complex between 3pm to 6pm
Swimsafer Test on 30th April 2022 at Clementi Swimming Complex
Swimsafer Test on 29th March 2022 at Clementi Swimming Complex
Swimsafer Participant taking the swimsafer test on 29th January 2022 at Clementi Swimming Complex.
Swimsafer Participant taking the swimsafer test on 16th January 2022 at Clementi Swimming Complex.
Swimmers aiming for swim time of 1:min 30 sec to qualify for their swimsafer stage 5 (Silver award) These swimmers were trained by AQZOG.

Common Frequently Asked Questions for Swimsafer Test in Year 2022

Swimsafer Test in the year of 2022 will be a brand new year of numerous test and certification. We are organizing Swim safer Test at Active Sportsg Pool and condo pools for students once they are competent and ready. Before going for the test, there are a few things to take note.

  1. I have enrolled my kids for the swimsafer test with AQZOG. How can I check their test schedule?

    The test schedule will be out One week before the Swimsafer Test. Your coach will notified you or you can view here to check your test schedule.

  2. What do I need to do after I completed and pass my Swimsafer Practical Test?

    You will need to do your Online Swimsafer Theory Test here. There are 15 questions for stage 1,2,3 and 20 questions for stage 4,5,6. The passing rate for the Online Swimsafer Theory Test must be at least 80%. Make sure you enter the details correctly otherwise the system will generate an error message. The Swimsafer Certificate will be able to generate only when you cleared the Swimsafer Theory Test and the practical test. There is no time limit and several attempts can be made when you did not clear the theory test.

  3. What to bring along for Swimsafer Test?

    1) For Stage 1,2,3 and 4, you are required to bring along an Extra T Shirt and Extra Short.
    2) For Stage 5 (Silver) and Stage 6 (Gold), you are requried to bring along an Extra T Shirt and LONG Pyjamas
    3) Goggle
    4) Swim Cap (If any)
    5) Yourself. 🙂

  4. What will be tested for Swimsafer 2.0 Syllabus?

  5. For those coming to Activesg Pool for the FIRST TIME for Swimsafer Test or Swimming lesson. Have you setup your ActiveSG Account?

    Ensure that your child have their ActiveSG account set up before they enter the pool. Having the ActiveSG Account will also provide them a mean to track their swimsafer certification thru the ActiveSG App. Here’s the tips on how to set up active sg account successful. Having your ActiveSG account setup early will avoid delay and so our test can proceed in the timely manner. Quick view here.

  6. Why Swimsafer Test is necessary for school children?

    The test will gage the children in their swim proficiency as well as their survival skills. At the same time, with swimsafer certification, it helps to inspire and motivate the child to do much more in their swimming capabilities. Swimsafer test offer certification of stage 1 to stage 6. In some schools that offer outdoor activities such as canoe or wind surfing, they would usually requires stage 5 (Sliver) or stage 6 (Gold). Swimsafer certification also offer a peace of mind for most parents especially for higher level when they know their children can do swimming.

  7. Where can I book my Swimsafer Test?

    You can book here. Our Next Swimsafer Test is on 29th Mar 2022, 30th April 2022. and 29th May 2022. Click here to view or register.

  8. Is this Swimsafer Certification relevant to my child when he go for his MOE Swimsafer Program?

    Yes. It is exactly the same program that we are doing for your children.

  9. Do you offer Swimsafer Skill Assessment?

    Yes we do. Text 91375141 for an appointment.

  10. What can my child do with the swimsafer certification?

    He can keep it to apply for Outdoor sea sports (At least a Bronze, some silver, some prefer gold level), and can be use as an admission to Water Polo, Competitive swimming, or even Dragon Boating and wind surfing. However in most cases, the higher the swimsafer level, eg Gold, the better the chance of admission.

  11. My child already got his swimsafer stage 6 (Gold), and he likes swimming. What can he do next?

    He can continue with the weekly swim classes to train for Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards (SSPA), where he will learn to swim competitively and focus more on Starts, Turns and Finishes for all the 4 competitive swimming strokes. They also get a chance to try out their Individual Medley under the SSPA. Individual Medley consist of swimming 4 strokes in one single swimming event in this order; Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle. He can also take part in the school swimming competition or any novice swim meet around the neighourhood. We used to organise novice swim meet such as the swimfantic in 2017 and 2018 at Bukit Batok and Queenstown respectively. Then one constituency swim meet at Serangoon SC in 2019.

  12. What was the previous Swim Certificate before Swimsafer?

    Before Swimsafer Certificate, it was NASSA. You can read more about history of swim certification here.

  13. What is required and how to enter the ActiveSG Swimming pool?

    Currently, all activesg swimming complex gantry are using either QR Code or Bar Code to scan in. You will need to download the ActiveSG App on your mobile in order set up the ActiveSg Account.

  14. Have you set up your activesg account?

    All activesg facilities will need their activesg account set up before they are allowed access. The ezlink card no longer in use in their facilitites. Here’s the video on how to set up activesg account.

  15. Is it good to try out open water ?

    Having spend too much time in the pool, it would be a good opporunity to try open sea swimming. The experience is definitely worthwhile to take note. You are close to nature, when you do open swimming. It is never the same with swimming in the pool. You can try out open water swimming here.

  16. Why do I need to set up ActiveSg Account? Can I use Cash Top Up when I do not have enough fund in the ActiveSG Account?

    You will be able to use the following payment mode:
    * Active Wallet
    * NETS
    * Credit Card

    The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced on 30 September 2020 that it had directed Wirecard entities in Singapore (Wirecard SG) to cease their payment services in Singapore and to return all customers’ funds by 14 October 2020*.
    With the cessation, patrons will not be able to use the Adult EZ-Link, student and senior citizen concession cards at ActiveSG facilities with effect from 3 October 2020.
    To continue to use our facilities, patrons may pay using Nets, Credit Card or Active Wallet. Click to learn more about Active Wallet.
    *For more information, you may refer to MAS website.

  17. How do I know if I have pass the Swimsafer Theory Quiz?

Swimsafer Test Booking from Mar thru May 2022

Registration Period is over for Swimsafer Test on 29th March 2022.

Registration Period is over. Swimsafer Test on 30th April 2022 (Saturday 9am to 12pm)

Registration Period is over. Swimsafer Test on 30th April 2022 (Saturday 3pm to 6pm)

This time slot is Block for use.


Today is February 4, 2023 7:44 am

The registration date is past due.

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