Read about our Terms and Conditions here so that everybody is on the Same Page. As much as Coaches is doing their best to coach your child, you could play your part to follow our guideline diligently. Thanks 🙂

Terms & Conditions FAQ

Fifth week refer to any month that falls on 29th, 30th and 31st. If your GROUP lessons fall on any of the above date, is considered a Fifth week and there will be NO LESSONS. 

There will be no lesson on fifth week.

If your group class falls on public holiday, lessons will be considered as done and there will be no replacement.

There will be no replacement if your child fall sicks or having other appointment. Lesson is considered done. 

The fee must be made payable to AQZOG swim school via Paylah or Paynow at 91375141 on the Last week of the month till the first week of the new month. Please notify the admin after payment is made by screenshot capture or text messages.  Late fee payment of $10 will be imposed for payment made after 15th of any month.

As the weather are unpredictable, it just rain heavily and then stopped suddenly and the sun shine again. We did not want to confuse parents as to whether there is lessons or not. So just come be it rain or shine. This has been the practise of AQZOG since day one. Secondly, we want the children to practise discpline and commitment which are important to character building.  Sometimes the pool remain open when there is drizzling and no lightning alert. 

Jan 29th (Fri), 30th (Sat), 31st (Sun)

Mar 29th (Mon), 30th (Tue), 31st (Wed)

April 29th (Thur), 30th (Fri)

May 29th (Sat), 30th (Sun), 31st (Mon)

Jun 29th (Tue), 30th (Wed)

Jul 29th (Thur), 30th (Fri), 31st (Sat)

Aug 29th (Sin), 30th (Mon), 31st (Tue)

Sept 29th (Wed), 30th (Thur)

Oct 29th (Fri), 30th (Sat), 31st (Sun)

Nov 29th (Mon), 30th (Tue)

Dec 29th (Wed), 30th (Thus), 31st (Fri)

If your lessons falls on the public holiday, lessons will be considered done. There will be no make up or replacement class.

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