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Squidy Specification

  • Size is 21cm Long X 4.5 Cm Diameter
  • Powered by 2 x AA Size Battery
  • Weight of toy with Battery is 120 gram
  • Low battery consumption. Can last a long time.
  • High RPM Motor for madness chase.

Care for your toys:

  • Remember to rinse with water and air dry after use
  • Do not play in a pool where there is a drainage that are out of reach
  • Do not throw at others.
  • Do not keep the toy in your bag for a long time, cos pool water will corrode screws and motor parts. (Send for repair or get a new one from us if it is not working anymore.).
  • Do not throw away the damage one. Donate to us.
  • We offer motor replacement for a fee.

Behavior of this Squidy

  • Fast moving object so ensure the pool water is clear so you know where he swim.
  • Do not play in the sea, cos it will just go where it want to go.
  • He is fast when battery is new. Not sure if you could catch it. But surely he is damn fast.
  • He is quiet and could keep still when the battery is off. Good for beginner to pick up object.
  • Low battery mode is good for beginner.
  • Can modified to make it swim faster. Contact me for tips.

Benefits of having this Squid for swim lessons

  • Kids will want more swimming lessons from you cos he know you have this.
  • Kids just want to have fun and you can promote effective lesson using this toy as excuse,
  • Make your swimming lessons more meaningful and adventurous.
  • Can be use as game play or treasure hunting if you have multiple squids.
  • Promote family bonding and play hide and seek with this fast moving squids. Make sure no drainage system or “long kang ” near the pool.

And Much More.

We offer repair and motor replacement to ensure your toys stay alive for a long time. It should not spoil easily if you take good care of your toy by rinsing with water and air dry after using. This product will definitely last you a long time if you care for it.

Troubleshoot your Squid

My squid is not moving after I put in new battery

Make sure you are using the right battery type. It should be AA size battery and not AAA.

My squid is still not moving after I put the new AA size battery.

Check if the battery is put properly. It should not be a problem if so. If problem still persist, give us a call and help is on the way.

Should I throw away the toy if it is not working anymore?

Do not throw it away. This toy can last you a long time. If it is really not working, bring it to us for repair. We make it alive just as new for a fee. Else you can just donate to us.

Where can I order this Squid?

You can get it from us at 91375141. Book a toy with us today.

When the Promo of 3 for $40 will end?

It will end on 24th June 2022 or while stock lasts. After the promo period is over, each piece will cost $20 and 3 pieces will cost $60.

Do I get a chance to play this toy?

Yes, if you join my class. Or you buy one from us. If you need it instantly, find us at Clementi Swimming Complex. Make a appointment with us before you come at 91375141. If you just buy one piece, it will cost you just $15.

Why are you having promotion for this toys?

Cos is June holiday and is time to let the kid out to enjoy the game and have fun.