Water Competence in Swimming

Water Competency Model
Showing various aquatic sports when you can swim

Water competence in swimming implies participating in several aquatics skill areas. In most aquatic sports, the entry requirement is at least a Swimsafer Gold. It is highly recommended that your child go thru and complete the whole series of swimsafer.

Some parent thought that swimsafer stage 1 is good enough. That is not a right mindset. As you can see from the activities done for swimsafer one, it is just a very basic of water introduction. Likewise for stage 2 and 3. In such a stages, they are learning to swim below 25m. So this model is not yet a swim proficient. The learning journey still needs to go on.

Importance of Water Competency

Some might argue that young children acquire aquatic skills with little emphasis on readiness. It maybe suggested that they maybe acquiring these aquatic skills in spite of current swimming lessons. Two major focus solely on strokes may result in poor quality water competence skills and that combining aquatic readiness skill with subsequent stroke teaching will produce more optimal progress in aquatic learning for children. Certainly, promotion of aquatic readiness will encourage, and not discourage the development iof good aquatic skills