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Welcome to the page of swimsafer quizzes. The quizzes covers topic such as water safety, how to react during the emergency, how to identify danger, the do and donts about water safety. Take your time to read and download the model answer (For all levels) if you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Swimsafer Quizzes

You can only do the quizzes after your instructor have instructed you to do so. Otherwise it will not reflect in the system. So please wait for your coach to advise you to do the quizzes then you start doing.

The system will prompt you only 2 type of messages. If you pass the theory, the message will prompt “Well done! You have completed the Swimsafer 2.0 Quiz“. If you fail the test, the message will prompt “Please try again“. Then you need to redo until you get the first message.

You can do repeatedly until you get a pass. There is no penalty for multiple attempt.

You can do as soon as your coach inform you. Because he need to register your data into the system first before you can start doing. Otherwise you need to redo again.

There are 15 questions for Swimsafer stage 1, Swimsafer stage 2 and Swimsafer stage 3. And there are 20 questions for Swimsafer stage 4 (Bronze), Swimsafer stage 5 (Silver), and Swimsafer stage 6 (Gold).

Click here to find out. Or go to https://Aqzog.com/swimming-program/swimsafer.

Your coach will be able to notify you on the time table or you can view here to check.

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