MOE Swimsafer Programme

MOE Swimsafer Programme
Group of children preparing for the swimsafer program during the school holiday at clementi.

About MOE Swimsafer Program

The MOE Swimsafer Programme is a comprehensive swimming programme in Singapore that aims to teach children and young adults water safety and swimming skills. The programme is offered in schools and swimming complexes across Singapore, and consists of six stages, each with a specific set of skills and knowledge to be learned and demonstrated. The programme includes both theoretical and practical components, and covers topics such as personal water safety, survival skills, rescue techniques, and stroke proficiency. The ultimate goal of the MOE Swimsafer Programme is to equip children and young adults with the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe and confident in and around water. Read more about Swimsafer Stages here.

How MOE Swimsafer Program is being run in your child’s Primary School or Secondary School?

On the first day of MOE Swimsafer program, the school will ferry the children to one of the activesg swimming facilities. The vendor will brief them on water safety and the rules and regulation.

After that, they will be assessed for the skills ability. There are 3 different categories. Group A are the competent swimmer, able to swim. Group B are unable to swim that well, but able to submerge head in the water and do basic floating and kicking. Group C are those that are water phobia or completely cannot submerge in water.

After the filtering process, they are then group accordingly and distributed to the respective swimming coach for their remaning swimming lessons.

If the child show progress during the first few lessons, some instructor will transfer him or her to a better swimmer group.

There will be around 8 to 12 sessions of swimming lessons in your child’s MOE Swimsafer Programme. The final day which is the last day of the MOE swimsafer Programme will be the Swimsafer Practical Test where your child will be tested base upon what they had trained during the past training sessions.

The swimsafer E certificate will only be issued after your child have passed both the Practical Test and the Swimsafer Theory test. The link for the theory test can be found here.

Opportunity to learn from AQZOG SWIM SCHOOL

If your child’s MOE Swim lessons is held at Clementi, Delta or Bukit Batok, do check out our weekly Group swimming classes held in these locations. Check our schedule here.

6 Days Holidays Swimsafer Program

Title: Dive into Safety: The AQZOG 6-Day SwimSafer Program and Its Numerous Benefits


Water safety is a critical life skill that everyone should possess. With countless bodies of water around us, from swimming pools to rivers and oceans, it’s essential to be confident and competent in the water. This is where the AQZOG 6-Day SwimSafer Program comes into play, offering an excellent opportunity for individuals of all ages to learn water safety and swimming skills. In this article, we will explore this program and the myriad benefits it provides.

What is AQZOG?

AQZOG is a renowned aquatic safety and training organization that has been dedicated to promoting water safety and swimming skills for decades. The organization’s 6-Day SwimSafer Program is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate water safely. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to improve your existing skills, this program caters to all levels of swimmers.

The 6-Day SwimSafer Program

The AQZOG 6-Day SwimSafer Program is a comprehensive course that covers a wide range of essential swimming and water safety skills. Here’s an overview of what participants can expect during these six days:

Water Familiarization: The program begins with building comfort and confidence in the water. Participants learn how to enter and exit the water safely, float, and submerge themselves comfortably.

Basic Swimming Strokes: Over the course of the program, participants are taught the fundamentals of various swimming strokes, such as freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. These skills are essential for efficient and safe swimming.

Water Safety: Safety is a top priority, and participants are educated about recognizing and avoiding water hazards, understanding currents, and practicing safe behavior around water bodies.

Survival Skills: Learning to tread water and conserve energy is crucial for surviving in open water scenarios. The program provides training in these essential survival skills.

Conclusion of 6 days Swimsafer Program

The AQZOG 6-Day SwimSafer Program is a valuable investment in water safety and swimming skills. Whether you’re a parent wanting to ensure your child’s safety, an adult looking to overcome a fear of water, or someone seeking to improve their swimming abilities, this program offers numerous benefits. From increased confidence and fitness to the ability to respond effectively in emergencies, the skills learned in this program can be life-changing. So, dive into safety and embark on a journey of aquatic knowledge and skill with AQZOG’s SwimSafer Program. Your safety and the safety of those around you are worth it.

Frequently Asked Question on MOE Swimsafer 2.0 Program

Can I opt my child out of the school swimsafer program?

Some school allow student to opt out if they are already having their private swimming lessons outside of school. Some school will insist students to join the MOE Swimsafer Program even if they have swimming lessons outside. It all depend. You can check with the school.

Is swimming necessary for primary school students?

National Water Safety Council (NWSC), comprises members from the people, private and public sectors. Prior to the SwimSafer Program, the NWSC had collaborated with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Singapore Sports Council (SSC) to introduce the Learn-To-Swim Programme for primary school students. NWSC, building upon the foundation laid by the Taskforce, has set itself the following tasks:

Promote a water safety culture among all Singaporeans.
Initiate and co-ordinate public education efforts on water safety in swimming pools and open waters.
Increase children’s participation in water survival and swimming programmes through various platforms.
Work with relevant government agencies to promote and encourage designs of aquatic facilities that enhance water safety.
Embark on further research on issues related to the prevention of drowning.
Establish national water safety standards.
As such, it is necessary for your child to join the swimming program.

Can my child be exempted from the school swimming programme if he/she already possesses Swimsafer Stage 1 or 2 certification?

Children with Swimsafer Stage 1 or 2 should continue to learn and move on to higher stage in order to acquire the necessary swimming and survival skills. Even for student with stage 4 (Bronze), they should be encourage to take part to attain Stage 5 (Silver) for example. You have to remember that in every swimsafer stage, there is a skills that has to be taught in progression. Stage 1 and 2 is just the foundation stroke that teaches you only the basic fundermental of swimming. There are still more skills to learn.

Do I need to pay for my child MOE swimming program?

No, you need not have to pay if your child is in the MOE Swimsafer Programme. They tab funding from edusave,

My child attain swimsafer stage 4, why he was downgraded to stage 3 during his MOE swimsafer 2.0 program?

It could have been the different environment or some skills he has forgotten. But it is a good learning process.

What is the condition to obtain the Swimsafer Certificate?

They have to pass the practical test and the online theory test in order to obtain the Swimsafer Certificate. The Swimsafer Theory Test has to be done online at the Swimsafer Portal website here. Please remember to select the correct stage before doing the quiz.

After my child pass his swimsafer stage 1 after the school swim program is over, how can he continue to learn to swim ?

You can register with us and we will find you a coach. SMS 91375141 to enquiry. Alternatively he can join our 4- 6 days swimsafer certification program during the holiday. Find out more here.

Does your school provide swimsafer program the same one he does in school swimming program?

Yes they are doing the same swimsafer syllabus as what he did in school swimming program.

How long usually does it take for swimsafer stage 1 to swimsafer stage 6?

The progression will usually take up to less than 2.5 years to complete the whole Swimsafer Module. There is no one rule that fit all as the student learn at different pace. Some pick up quickly, while other are slow in understanding.

What is the most difficult in swimsafer stage 5 (Silver) and Stage 6 (Gold)

Swim timing is required for Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke. For gold, they need to remove their long pant and make a float while treading water. These are perhaps the most useful and difficult.

What are the weakest strokes that you seen among the kids swimming lesson?

Backstroke were so far their weakest.

My child has just got his bronze certificate from the MOE Swimsafer Program. Can he join your holiday swimming program to attain his next level of Silver?

Do you conduct swimsafer test?

Yes we do. We conduct swimsafer test at Clementi Swimming Complex. Book your swimsafer test.

What is next after swimsafer stage 6 (Gold)?

Your child can either go for life saving skills or enroll into competitive swim training for Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards (SSPA). There are also instance where children could just be doing swimming for leisure as a form of healthy lifestyle. Swimming regularly can promote good cardiovascular benefits and body posture. Most of the children do well in maths, science, art and music when they do swimming regularly. Studies has shown.

What if my child failed his swimsafer test with the school? What should I do?

You can enrol swimming lessons with us. We will train your child to be swimsafer certified. Sign up here. Alternatively, you can check with the school if they offer remedial swim lessons for those who failed the swimsafer test.

Is it necessary to have at least swimsafer stage 4 bronze?

We would encourage your child to complete all the stages until Gold. Most secondary school has outdoor water sports activities that may require at least stage 4 as the basic entry requirement. Outdoor water sports could be activity such as dragon boating, wind surfing, sailing, boating, canoeing etc.

Where can I find the model answers for swimsafer quiz?

Swimsafer Quiz Answers

FREE DOWNLOAD 10 pages of Model Answers (All levels)

Send download link to:

My child attended his school MOE swimsafer program. When will he be tested for swimsafer?

If your child is attending his swimsafer program in school, he should have about 8 or 10 or 12 sessions of swimming lessons depending on the duration of the swimming lesson. The swimsafer test will be conducted on his last day of school swimsafer swimming lesson.

How will I know if my child pass his school swimsafer program ?

You can check his activesg account. Not sure how to check? Follow the diagram here.
How to check your Swimsafer E certificateAbove are the steps to check your E certificate.

What if I cannot find my child swimsafer E certificate after the test?

This could means 3 things. Either he failed the swimsafer test or he did not do his swimsafer quiz. Wrong Date of Birth, or didnt pass the practical test. Check with the teacher in charge with your school.

Should I continue my child with the swimsafer program after his schoool swimsafer program is over?

Yes you should. You can enrol your child with us. We provide both private and group swimming lessons. Sign up here.

My child did not have any swimsafer certificate but he can swim already. Which stage will he be going?

Can you submerge your head in water?

What are the benefits of Parent Volunteering with your child’s School Swimming Program?

There are tons of benefits being a parent volunteering in your child’s school swimming activity. You might be interested to get your child enrolled in their swimming lessons after their school swim program are over? Or you might see some potential that your child could excel well in this sport and wanted him to excel further? This is the chance for you to expose to all the coaches out there teaching the swimsafer program. Your chance to observe, decide, and see which coach you would like to have for your child. By doing Parent volunteering in your child activities in their sport or cca, you can also track your child in their sports performance and how they could manage or whether they are interested in their sport.