Holiday Program FAQ

The objective of the holiday swim program is to enhance and improve kids swimming skills and water confidence over the span of just 6 days held over 2 weeks. There will be a swimsafer test and certification.

Yes. As the lessons are done almost 3 times a week, whatever they learn the day before will still be fresh in their mind and so they will be able to perform better. That’s the observation we have made over the past few batches.

Since 2012, AQZOG has been providing such holiday swimming program at clementi for at least 2 times a year. The improvement rate and the inspiration level for most kids were great. Especially the energy level that they had. This program is highly recommended for busy kids who have no time for their weekly swimming program but want to improve their stroke proficiency and getting swimsafer certification for their upcoming MOE swim program in school. 

Coach Raymond will be the one conducting the course. He is currently holding a NROC Level 3 in Swim Coaching and is also a certified Swimsafer Instructor and Assessor. 

Yes. It will be the same as what most MOE school are going thru. 

Due to Covid-19 and strict measure implemented by Sportsg, most of the public pool have restricted accessed and is allocated to coach on specified timing and location. Thus there is not much choice for the coach to conduct lessons anywhere and anytime he like. Thus the coach recommend the 6 days intensive lessons to be conducted at condo premises.

This holiday program are meant to cater for all levels. Minimum age to join is 4 year old. There will not be any conflict/ interference of  different skills  during the training program as the lessons plan are well organised to suit the overall skills objectives for each individual. You may find each and every students doing different drills meant to correct every individual’s  strength and enhance their motoskills.   

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Year End Holiday Swim Program Registration

4 years and above to enrol in this 1 hour 15 min per session program over 6 days. Fee inclusive of Swimsafer Test & Certification.
$ 0.00