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On Going Group Class Registration.

Recommended age is 4 years old to join group class of $80 Monthly. There will be a one time fee of $35 which include for kid's swim cap, school t shirt and goggle. Is compulsory to wear t shirt for swimming during the swimsafer test. The cap must be worn at all time during our swimming lessons. Private Lesson or Swimsafer Skill assessment can max up to 3 pax at one time ad hoc basis per lesson of 45min with the following per session fee. 1:1= $80, 2:1= $100, 3:1=$135.

Safety is always our Priority. We also want your kids to enjoy their swimming lessons too. Slots filling up fast. Sign up soon.

AQZOG's Score-Table

Learn & Play
They play and learn the skills without knowing it. That's AQZOG Approach. 84%
Student's Learning Pace:
Simple Aquatic Motor Skill will allow ease of effective learning. 82%

30 Sec Swimsafer Stage Checker

Can you submerge your head in water?

Coach job is to Inspire, Motivate and Educate the learner. So just relax & Enjoy the lesson. Picture taken at 2.6 M Pool.

entry to sportsg facilities

You can register for ActiveSG membership via the following channels:
  1. Downloading the “ActiveSG” mobile app on your smart phone.
  3. Register at any Guest Services Office at all ActiveSG Sports Centres and swimming complexes.


The venue staff can also help assist you if you need more help. 

If this is your first visit to Sportsg Pool, make sure you have downloaded the ActiveSG app and have your child account set up for future pool entry. The staff will help you. You need also to prepare his swim trunk or swimsuit for his first swimming lesson. Bring a dry towel to dry him up after lesson.  Our school will provide him the swimming cap, goggle and t shirts. Your child must wear the t shirt for swimming lessons. This is for the purpose of swimsafer test later on. If you child are doing Stage 5 (Sliver) and Stage 6 (Gold), they need to wear the long pyjamas. YOu may purchase from us ($10 to $14 per piece depending on size) , if you need a long pyjamas in future. 

Your child will either love it or hate it. In most cases, the child will love his swimming lesson if  the swimming program run smoothly.  In some cases, the kids might take a longer time to break the ice with the coach and making new friends.

If your child love the lesson, that is a blessing. We will continue to inspire him, motivate him and grow his swimming interest. 

However if your child hate swimming, we will find ways to bring his interest to life. As far as possible, we always make the lessons fun and full of adventure. Most kids will love them.

Parent will need to pay entrance fee to enter the swimming complex. It is also subjected to whether the pool complex number of total pax hit limit or not. The staff will advise you case by case basis.  

We will proceed with land drills. Many people thought that swimming lessons is solely in the pool to swim. Land drills are equally important. By doing land drills, it help enhance their motorskills, improve their flexibility, and understand the stroke mechanic function thru the theory given, and built their core strength. We have lots of creative land drills to help your child speed up their motorskills. Also sometimes bad weather will just last for awhile and the pool open afterward. It’s hard to predict weather condition. As such, to avoid confusing the group, just attend the lessons irregardless of bad or good weather. At the same time, you are training your child good character building in term of “commitment” when they are use to the system.  You can read more about our school’s terms and conditions here.

Swimsafer certification

He can go for the skills assessment and the assessor will make recommendation base on his capability. You can book the appointment at 91375141 for a discussion.

The swimsafer certificate are widely recognised and accepted in most local aquatic or sea sports organization. It also serve as a trademark of his swimming ability and maybe required to produce if he doing aquatic related sports such as dragon boat, scuba diving, wind surfing, canoeing or his/her army Enlistment.

Yes. We can conduct the swimsafer training in your condo pool during the holiday.

It all depending on how fast he learn and whether he attending lessons frequently. On average stage 1,2,3 will take between 4 to 8 months to achieve whereas Stage 4 (Bronze), Stage 5 (Sliver) and Stage 6 (Gold) will take slightly longer.

Swimsafer focus more on water safety,  survival skills and personal safety on how swimmer response or react in the event of emergency.  It is a realistic approach to things happening in our everyday lives, eg: what you should do if you are trap in the fast flowing canal, when you are in danger what you should do, what measure you take to prolong your survival before help come.  They are also taught how to wear a life jacket while in and out of the water and in the case of Swimsafer stage 6 (Gold), swimmer will be taught how to  do a self made float from pant. Swimsafer also teach you side stroke which is one of the life saving stroke. This unique stroke is not taught in competitive swimming. In competitive swimming, swimmer need to swim faster, racing with clock and swimming laps after laps purely for racing and swimming competition. In other word,  Competitive swimming do not follow swimsafer syllabus.  Check with your club if they are providing swimsafer program. 

Yes he can. In Swimsafer program, stage 5 (Sliver) and Stage 6 (Gold) , swimmer are required to achieve swim timing for their swim distance of 50m and 100m distance respectively. Swim timing are required for Freestyle, Breaststroke and Backstroke. After attaining Stage 6 (Gold), student are recommended to go for SSPA (Singapore Swimming Proficient Awards) where they will be taught on stroke refinement and Butterfly. On top of that, they will also learn the Starts, Turns and Finishes. AQZOG provide competitive training too. Some opt to go for long distance swimming award which we also provide in range of 200m, 400m, 800m, 1km and 1.5km swim awards. 

NUMBER #1: Most kids should be reminded not to run around the pool where floor are slippery else they would fall and injured themselves. NUMBER #2: While jumping into the pool, do not turn to grab the wall. Often accident happened when student is too close to the wall, resulting the chin hitting the edges of the pool. The open wound on the chin area might requires stiches. Children should always be reminded of the danger.  NUMBER #3: When you are in danger in the water, #1: DO NOT PANIC #2: FLOAT ON YOUR BACK  #3 STAY CALM, RELAX, WAVE & SHOUT FOR HELP WHILE STILL ON YOUR BACK. Learning to swim is a skill for life. It goes with you everywhere. So share the water safety knowledge with your friends. When you can swim well, tread water and understand danger in water, your parents will be more assured.

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Do not introduce kicking until learner can float at ease. RELAX & CONFIDENT in water are KEYs. Be patient with the child's learning progress. Good base foundation are necessary Right from beginning. Therefore, Swimsafer Stage 1 is the Most Important Stage because that's where most of the basic foundation on technique are being taught.
Raymond Tan
Master Coach- NROC III

Registration for Group Class

Swimsafer test booking

The next swimsafer test will be held on 29th (Saturday) and 30th May 2021 (Sunday) between 3pm to 6pm on both date.  Registration will start in april.

Participant who passed the swimsafer test will be notifed and the e certificate will be forwarded to you via email. If you need any assistance on swimsafer matters, you may whatsapp 91375141 or check with your respective coaches.

Registered participant will need to do their swimsafer theory test online after the practical test is done. 

Click here to do the swimsafer theory test.

Swimsafer Theory Model Answers


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Any questions you may  Contact Us

In the PLAY Mode, Children Learn Faster.
Raymond Tan
Aquatic Child Educator

Your Child's Learning Journey to Swim Success

Baby Bath Time

5 Great Advices to Early Acclimatization before baby is a year old. 

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First Priority.

Kid’s first priority is to be able to float on the surace utterly relaxed, can voluntarily submerge, glide, swim and play effortlessly in water of varying depth. To retain with eyes open, a sense of conscious direction under water and return to the surface for oxygen voluntarily. This is a picture of water confident. Having achieved the mentioned, your child will then progressively move to strokes mastery.

Swimsafer update

Yes. Swimsafer test can be allowed to conduct from 7th Dec 2020 onward. We will be conducting swimsafer test for all level on 30, and 31st January 2021 . Due to covid 19 situation, we are only able to cater to 8 pax per test slot.  You may register your child for swimsafer test now.

Students are encourage to take part in the Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards (SSPA). It’s about speed swimming and they will be taught competitive swimming such as Butterfly, Breaststroke, Front crawl and backstrokes by our Competitive Coach. In addition, students will be taught on Starts. Turns and Finishes.

Yes we provide SSPA training as well. Here is an overview of the SSPA roadmap and their purposes.

Currently we are at Queenstown, Bukit Batok and Clementi. We also provide swimming lessons in most condo pool in singapore and provide swimsafer/sspa training and/or Stroke corrections at your swim facilities. 

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Currently, the Covid-19 Measure for swimming is ONE Coach with EIGHT Students. Bidding System still in placed for coaches teaching at public pool until End March 2021. You can read more about Covid-19 Here.

Yes I do. All our current swimming program is base on swimsafer. When a learner has met the requirement of swimsafer, they will be arranged for it. 

You can try the skills test online under “Swimsafer Stage Checker” and the system will make recommendation. Try here.

FAQ on Swimming Matters

It’s very rare to be “allergic” to chlorine in the usual sense, but after repeated exposures, many people experience an “irritant reaction” which looks and feels like an allergic reaction with swelling, itching and
sneezing, sniffling, and red eyes. Sometimes a scratchy throat and coughing are caused by free chlorine
particles in the air, especially in poorly ventilated indoor pools

When your eyes are exposed to chemically treated and/or hypotonic water (containing less salt than the cornea), the cornea may swell up. This edema causes the light rays to bend as they pass through,
which results in the halos around lights that sometimes plague swimmers. The eyes may also turn red, tear, and become overly sensitive to light and cigarette smoke. A nap, rinsing the eyes, and time, will
alleviate this condition; goggles will prevent it.

Although swimming wasn’t part of the ancient Olympics, it was enjoyed by the Greeks and other early civilizations. Young men swam in ancient Greece and Rome as part of their military training. The first
recorded swimming competitions were held in Japan in 36 B.C. Modern competitive swimming began in the mid-nineteenth century. Shortly thereafter, what later came to be known as the Amateur Swimming Association was formed and established rules for competition. In 1908, FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation Amateur), the world governing body for swimming and other aquatic competition, was founded. When the first modern Olympiad was held in Greece in 1896, there were three men’s freestyle events, which were swum in the ocean. It wasn’t until the games held in Stockholm in 1912 that swimming events for women were included. Now, swimming is a major part of the summer games.

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What Our customers say

AQZOG system has a unique training system that is different from other. Love their creativity training for my children. Louise used to be afraid of water. Now he is always looking forward. Thank you AQZOG!

Lizzie Thompson

I was introduced to AQZOG after seeing one of his student swimming in our pool party. in fact. I see a huge improvement on my child with their technical knowledge and stroke technique. Definitely worth recommending.

Emma Velasquez