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In Singapore Swimming Lessons, AQZOG has a vision of play and learn approach. We believe if the learning environment is right, the child will learn faster, and eagerly looking forward to swimming lessons. This positive approach will then provide them ample of opportunity to grow their talent at early age so that they could expand their window of opportunity.  AQZOG is all about Developing Technique, learning swimming the right way every time, yet Fun, exciting and interesting. The Coach are passionate in their job, ensuring student putting in their best efforts, understanding team work and achieve their best as much they could. You can view our FAQ Page for more information. 

AQZOG is pronounce as “A” -“Q”-“ZOG”. A= Achieve Certification, Q = Quality Coaching, Z= Zestful Lessons, O= Organised, G= Grow Core Values. We wanted kids to have good team work, helping each other to grow as a team and be kind and motivate one another. That will inspire them to move to a new challenge ahead and conquer all obstacles.

About Us

If you want to learn more about swimming, you’re in the right place. Give your child a good learning experienc right from the start. .  Follow us on social media. 






AQZOG Holiday Swim Video

Learn To Swim AS EASY AS A-B-C


Reasons to Join us......


Get your child to be swim certified by Swimsafer, STA and SSPA. Sign up your child today for the swimming course.


Our Coaches are Certified, Friendly and Professsional. They have the coaching acumen, that is why the end result is usually satisfying and awesome.


We providing FREE Online Swimming for your whole family. There is also a swimsafer stage check to determine which stage your child can do in this free course. There are also quizzes on swimming history and how the swim strokes evolved. Join today for FREE 🙂

Choose the perfect plan

There is always a plan to suit your needs. We can assure you good and effective quantity swimming lessons for your and family. 



Per month of 45min

  • Well Organised
  • Mass Participation
  • Swimsafer Module
  • Effective Results
  • Certification Award



Per 4 lessons of 45min

  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • Learn with Aquatic Tools (New)
  • Tempo Trainer
  • Effective Coaching
  • Quick Results
  • Certification award
  • With Cute T SHIRT & Swim CAP

Holiday Program


Per 6 Lessons of 1hr 15min
  • Intensive Drills
  • Great workout
  • Certification award
  • Ability by module
  • Learn with Aquatic Tools
  • Evolved in just days
  • With T shirt & Swim Cap
  • Most Popular

Frequently Asked Question

Currently, the ratio for covid-19 is 1 coach with 5 students. You can read more about covid-19 here. 

You can do the skills test online under “Swimsafer Stage Check” and the system can generate/recommend the stage he/she can go. Try here.

Yes. Learning with Water phobia sympton may overcome water fear after a period of effective swimming lesson. 

Water phobia means a person is afraid of water. It can happen on few reasons, During childhood bath time, the child accidentally caught in fear of water without being noticed by parents, near drown victim without duty or care or without specialist to following up, which are likely in most cases.

They can still live a normal live but if not treated or overcome, they will suffer occasionally flashback of the bad experience or incident, sometimes in their sleep. So they need to over come  fear of water to remove that flashback in their memory.  The older they left untreated, the higher chance of flashback they will recieved and will be more fearful of water as they age. My advise is to seek professional help immediately to overcome this problem.

As young as 6 months old onward. However toddler swimming lessons are usually 30min in a lurkwarm  36 months) swimming lesson, need to be certified and obtained a  toddler swimming certification. Always request for Coach’s credential if in doubt.

credentialcredential obtained a  toddler swimming certification. Always request for Coach’s credential if in doubt.

Yes we do. Swimsafer syllabus is use mostly in most MOE school aquatic or learn to swim activities. The students are encourage to take part in SSPA after Swimsafer Gold. 

After student has achieved swimsafer Gold certification, they are encourage to go for SSPA. SSPA stand for Singapore Swimming Proficiency Award. It is an award that encourage competitive swimming. Student will be taught on all the 4 standard strokes and the starts, turns and finishes in the pool swimming race. They may also have an opportunity to understanding the basic energy system use in swimming. 

Featured Classes

Private coaching

Our founder will be in charge of this coaching project. Under the watchful eye of the coach, your child will be able to perform good swim technique right from the beginning.  Select private coaching in the sign up menu. 

Group class coaching

We offer beginner, intermediate and advance classes at Clementi and Queenstown Swimming Complex. More venue of training will be opening up and we will update accordingly. All levels are welcome to apply.  Place your child on our waiting list today pending phase 3 opening.

6 Days holiday swim

6 Days of swimming lessons at clementi. Available for booking from october onward. Swimsafer syllabus will be taught. Fast results assured. Pending approval from the management.

What Our customers say

AQZOG system has a unique training system that is different from other. Love their creativity training for my children. Louise used to be afraid of water. Now he is always looking forward. Thank you AQZOG!

Lizzie Thompson

I was introduced to AQZOG after seeing one of his student swimming in our pool party. in fact. I see a huge improvement on my child with their technical knowledge and stroke technique. Definitely worth recommending.

Emma Velasquez