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Welcome to AQZOG Swim School

When you can swim, the opportunities are plenty.

Swim lessons in Singapore is about getting the kids to learn proper swimming and have their safety in mind. Beside taking care of their safety, we also want to instill water confidence and knowledge. Water confidence can be define as someone who is able to submerge his head in the water without feeling tense, or is able to tread water, or to be able to stay afloat at ease. These are some signs of water confidence. Learning to swim can be a great experience if the setting and lesson plan are in place. A crying kid can eventually enjoy swimming lessons after getting use to his coach.

Learning to swim can be a great experience of exploration, and at AQZOG, we advocate water safety, fun and effective swimming lesson for everyone who wish to learn to swim.

He was 3 when he learn to swim. Today he is 8 year old and is doing competitive swimming lessons. He earned his swimsafer gold just last year.

Advantage of learn to swim at early age

The earlier you start your child for swimming lesson, the faster he will progress. By the time he is 7 ot 8 year old, he could be at the stage of better swim proficiency, ahead of most kids his age. Do you know swimming make kids smarter? Read more.

We give your child the best swim knowledge & water safety.

Full day Pool Closure at Activesg Pool Facilities

Following the announcement by the Activesg on the 15th August 2022, those half day pool closure will be converted to full day. Click below to read more.

Swimsafer Infographics for a quick glance.
Level up your Swimsafer Today with our Effective Swim lesson plan.

6 Swim Challenges for Swimsafer Stage 1 for Year 2023

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How does Drowning Look like?

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Our Effective Swimming Program

We provide swimming lessons for a year old and above in both public pool and condominium. Private and group swimming lessons can be arranged.

Infant Swimming Class

Kid’s Swimming Class

Holiday Swimsafer Program

Adult Swimming Lesson

Attentive Adult Swim Class

Strokes Correction for all Levels

Swimsafer Quiz Answers

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Reminder: There will be no lessson on 29th, 30th and 31st of March 2022 due to 5th Week,

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