COVID-19 UPDATE (June 2 Onward)
Online Swim Courses

In the tough moments, where everyone is being asked to stay home, learning at aqzog never stops. That is why Aqzog is providing FREE Online Swimming Course during the circuit breaker period. At the end of the course, there are short answers, true/false, multiple choice, image matching, fill in the blank, reordering the correct steps to test your knowledge and understanding. E cert will be awarded if you have a passing score of 80%. We will be building some new courses along the way so do check it out. Have a fun learning journey ahead. You can click here to do online or Stroll down below and click on “Courses Online”.

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We will resume our swim lessons once the facilities are open to public and when the number of new COVID-19 cases dropping with the government announcement to give a green light signal. You will be notified when we can resume our swimming lessons either via whatsapp or emails. Take care and stay safe. You can also read more about the updated Covid-19 measure after 2nd June 2020 here.

Our Vision: To train swimmers to swim gracefully with good technique and make them feel surprised by their own achievement.

• -Lessons are progressive
• -Easy Instruction with Effective Swim Drills
• -Coaches are Friendly and Professional
• -Our Coaches attend Monthly Swim Clinic for Swim update/Technique.
• -Well Organised Lesson Plan
• -Available Online Swim Courses
• -Swimsafer Certification Award for Achievement

Happy kids having swimming lessons with aqzog.com in Singapore. 8 year old is doing his swimsafer gold this year, 6 year old is doing her stage 4 (Bronze) and the youngest is still learning stage 1.

Drag and Drop Image Matching Quizzes is one of the feature for online course. Enrol today.

In the Middle Ages, swimming became unpopular throughout Europe because people believed water helped spread plague and other common epidemics. When people did swim, they preferred a form of breaststroke that kept their faces out of the water . Read More.

E cert will be generated upon finishing the course. Get yours today.
Gertude Ederle’s glass goggle in 1928

In 1928: Gertrude Ederle becomes the sixth person, first woman and fastest swimmer to date to swim the English Channel, and the first using front crawl (aka freestyle), using a full face mask of motorcycle goggles sealed by parafin wax.

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