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I sink when I swim
Sink when I swim.
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Our Swimming Program

We provide swimming lessons for a year old and above in both public pool and condominium. Private and group swimming lessons can be arranged.

Infant Swimming Class

Kid’s Swimming Class

Holiday Swimsafer Program

Adult Swimming Lesson

Attentive Adult Swim Class

Strokes Correction for all Levels

Stages of Bubbling Behaviour


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  • Want to learn to swim properly?
  • Are you looking for swim lessons in Singapore?
  • Do you feel exhausted after swimming a short distance?
  • Do you wish to be like those that keep swimming lap after lap without feeling tired?
  • Do you intend to swim faster if you are already a swimmer?
  • Want to improve your butterfly?

Swimsafer Quiz Answers

FREE DOWNLOAD 10 pages of Model Answers (All levels)

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You have come to the right place. In AQZOG, we provide you the swim solutions for the above. Click the options here.

When you can swim, the opportunities are plenty.

We provide 2 types of swimming lessons namely Group Class Swimming Lessons and Private Class Swimming Lessons. Can’t decide group or private class? Click here to find out.

Swimming is a very sequential sensitive activity. The wrong step will jeopardize the whole swimming system. For example wearing a shoe, you have to wear sock first before wearing a shoe, and for cooking, you have to add oil first before you crack the egg to cook. If you reverse the order, the result will not be the same.

Being a sequential sensitive stroke, swimming also requires good technique, good skills habit and posture. Understanding the basic in swimming will help you to perform the stroke better. Swimming should be a pleasure sports to enjoy and should not be a torturing one. So, let us impart you the right knowledge and skill to help you improve your stroke. With simple to follow instruction and logical sense, you will find that learning to swim is so easy for all ages.

Skills Degression

Evidence shown degression of skills among children during vaccination period or MCs.

What to bring for swimming lesson? Read here.

Reminder: There will be no lessson on 29th, 30th and 31st of March 2022 due to 5th Week,
Swimming improves body posture and stamina.

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In the New Age, Practice makes perfect should not be taken to mean that mere repetition improves performance.

Swimming in General

Water Buoyancy, Breathe Control, etc, are some of the prerequisite in swimming. It make no sense to teach them the stroke when they have not master these basic fundamental.

-Raymond (NROC Level 3 Master Coach)

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The author has put some interesting topic about swimming base upon the clinic attended & other discovery. Some of the topic which you cannot find in our usual swimming text book because it was base on hands on experience.

Swim Prerequisite for Beginner

How well prepared an what basic skills he should have before learning swim stroke?

3 Stages of Learning

The motor skills learning pattern involves when learning a new skill. At certain stage of learning, your child might lose interest if the skill is remain stagnant.

Swimsafer Stage Checker

Not sure which stage your child can do in Swimsafer? Try the quiz to find out within minutes.

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About Special Needs

What are the tell tale sign to identify autism at early stage? Why is important to learn swimming?

Breathing in Swimming

Coming soon- Types of bubbling pattern among swimmers and how to correct them?


Coming Soon- How to learn swimming by playing games? Exciting game plan for all ages and levels.

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We train you up and make you swim well.

Weekly Swim Group Classes Enrolment for Year 2022.

Stages of Bubbling Behaviour


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About Swimming Certificate in Singapore

Beginner Learn to Swim Certificate
Beginner Learn to Swim Certificate in early days

Swimming Certificate in Singapore has come a long way since 1979. Those days, the swim lessons issue the certificate that came in a form of hard copy, the name was typed manually using typewriter and the signature is pen-written manually on every pieces. It was a tedious affair. During that time, there were no computer or printing technology like what we seen today. Any child that are keen to do swimming lesson, would have to go to the swimming complex on their own. After finished swimming lesson, they will go straight to school in the afternoon session and endure till the school release them in the evening. Such weekly swimming lessons was not an easy affair those days considering the transportation we had to make to pool, to school, lunch, etc.

Before Swimsafer was introduce, the National Survival Swimming Award (NASSA) was the most tedious and exciting award ever. Especially the Gold Star Award. The Gold Star test was available only at Toa Payoh, Queenstown, Jurong Town and River Valley Swimming Complexes as they have the stand dive platform facilities. Toward the year 2010, mark the end of this NASSA program and the beginning of the swimsafer program. This swimsafer program was simplified to make it must easier for student to pass. Eversince the Swimsafer Launched, there has been a change of 3 different certificate designs. You can read more about the certificates here.

Is it necessary to have a Swimsafer Certificate?

While it is not mandatory to have a swimsafer certificate, however it can be use when there is a good opportunity arises such as the school has some aquatic sports event or courses that require minimum bronze and above, so you can apply with the certificate that you got. So having a certificate is a plus. In summary, if you are below 18 year of age, having a swimsafer certificate will be fruitful for you. The earlier you get, the better. If you are above 18 year of age, and still have an interest in swimming, you can do the adult swimming class to learn to swim properly.

Every Parents will feel more assured when their child can swim and be water safe. Swimming is a life skills, and it is useful when it come to water emergency.

Swim for a Life time

4 Ways to Obtain Swimsafer Certificate

  • #1- Enrol with any Swim School with NROC Certified Coaches for weekly swim lessons. Enrol here
  • #2- Join our AQZOG 6 Days intensive Holiday Swimming Program (Available in june & Dec every year)- Read more
  • #3- Enrol in your MOE School Swimming Program (Usually primary 3 or 4) – Covid-19- MOE Swim Class Cancelled as of June 2021 onward. (Term 3 (End of June 2022 holiday) to resume MOE weekly swimsafer program.
  • #4- Enrol in our Swimsafer Test (Open to Public) every quarterly. Visit the page here.

Skill Assessment Prior to Swimsafer Test

After weeks and months of swim training, your child might have master some strokes and is ready to do the test. Suddenly the announcement of the tight measure and restriction, the test was cancelled or could not be registered due to the interruption. All hope is not lost. You can still sign up and register the swimsafer test.

If you have book the swimsafer test and would like to have your skills assessment done before the actual swimsafer test, you can email your interest here.

Swim Trial Lesson at Condominium Pool

Not sure if the child could fit into the swimming lesson? We offer swim trial lesson at Condominium pool. If you have a pool in your condominium and your management allow coaching in your area, we strongly recommend you to engage us for swimming lesson. We provide swimming lessons island wide. You can register your interest here. Due to the coach’s tight schedule, there are times he is not available especially peak period. But do try and check.

A few common mistakes about various swimming strokes

As swimming is a very technique base program, swimmer would swim and project an self image of how their strokes should look like and thought so. Often than not, actual vs the video capture would often seems disappointing. Many mistakes made were left un notice until someone tell you so. We have create a page on swimming mistakes and hopefully, you can be more aware of some common mistake you might have made. Click here to find out more.

Kid Rescue Duckie During Swim Lesson

History of Swimming

Singapore Swimming Lessons
History of Swimming on Trudgen Stroke Illustration.

Swimming is one of the oldest sports in the world. The interest part about swimming is that it has evolved so much from our grandfather time until today, with the record time getting faster and faster each year. The swim form, the stroke technique have change and might even change again in the future, with perhaps the dolphin kick replacing the flutter-kick in the freestyle event, whichever is faster.

Swimming Lessons for Adult and Swimmers

Our Goals & Commitment

Our goal is to provide swim lessons that are fun, safe and enjoyable swim lesson. More importantly, we want our students to progress faster too.

During the MOE swimsafer programme of 10 sessions for stage 1 and 2, the passing rate was nearly 100%. So long the child get use to submerging, getting use to bubbling, able to balance properly on a kickboard, and floating the requirement is there at the basic level. The kids were 9 to 10 years of age at the time of swim lessons.

We provide swim lessons for all ages in public pools and condominium pools. Our Coach will be more willing to provide you the knowledge at your preferred choice of location anywhere in Singapore. We have a few types of swimming program to suit your need.

We are commited to impart to you the best of our coaching skills and knowledge that you will get because we want you to be the best during your swim lessons.

Here are some of our work. Enjoy the video. Remember… A Happy Kid is a Confident Kid. 🙂 One that eagerly looking forward to weekly swim lessons.

Our Achivements & Training

Todate, we have achieved the following:

  • Successfully passed students on their swimsafer certification
  • Providing a cohesive learning environment for the students
  • Promote water safety awareness and safe in the water
  • Providing them some competitive swim experience and open water swim by Organizing Swimfanatic Meets, Open water, with help from fellow coaches (Desmond, Herman, Martin, Peter).
  • On 10th July 2022, together with Michael Soong, Kris Chua, Ivan Tham, Justin Chua and Owen Gian, we organised the open water swim at East Coast Park.

Few Reasons to Join AQZOG

Swim Lessons in Singapore

Swimsafer Journey

Any skills or stroke that is correctly done, is an important step.

Coach Raymond

What to bring for Swim Lessons?

  • Swimming Goggle: Having a proper swimming goggle for lessons is important for every swimming lessons. If the goggle is leaking, your child will not be able to focus well, especially if he is a new learner. He will spend time adjusting his goggle during the lesson and he cannot focus or pay attention in class. Therefore, he will not be able to concentrate well during the swim lessons.
  • Swimming Kicking Board: Nowadays, kicking board come in all shapes and sizes. A normal shape kickboard will be sufficient enough but do not buy those weird shape kick board that are difficult to hold.
  • Swm suit attire: Do wear a fitting swimming trunk or swim suit. Do not wear normal shorts as they could cause drag in the water and making it harder for a beginner to propel forward during the swimming lesson.
  • Swimming Cap: Our high quality silicon swimming cap are meant to protect your hair from the chlorinated pool and to avoid having water soak up on your hair so that it is easier for you to breathe. Wearing a swimming cap help you to swim easily too. So make sure you wear it everytime when you go for lesson.
  • Dry Towel: Always bring a dry towel to dry yourself up after the swimming lessons
  • A bottle of Warm Water: It is always a good idea to bring some warm water to drink after your lessons or when you are feeling cold in the pool, a slip of warm water work wonder.
  • Some fruits or snacks: Children always get hungry after the lessons. So it is better to provide them some snacks or fruits after the swimming lessons.

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