Swim Lessons in Singapore

Swimming lessons in SIngapore
A child enjoying swimming lesson is one of an important factor. Giving them the right teaching environment is another.
6 days holiday swim program year 2021
6 days holiday swim program year 2021

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Are you looking for swim lessons in Singapore? Do you feel exhausted after swimming a short distance? Do you wish to be like those that keep swimming lap after lap without feeling tired? And if you are intending to take part in Biathlon or Triathlon, you are required to swim at least 800m to 1500m for the event. AQZOG Swim School is here to help. It would be your preferred choice if you are looking to perfect your strokes and swim proficiency for you and your family or anyone you feel they deserve the best. In fact this could also be one of the best gift that money cannot buy…… to become swimable.

Swimming requires good technique, good skills habit and posture. Swimming is about understanding physic and science and understanding of technique and proper step/ sequence to swimming. Understand the proper sequence of swimming will allows you to swim well with least effort and save energy. Swimming should be a pleasure sports to enjoy and should not be a torturing one. Let us impart you the right knowledge and skill to help you improve your stroke.

We are committed to imparting to you the best of our coaching skills and knowledge that you will get because we want you to be the best. Being able to swim well has always been one of our trade mark, especially if you have a fussy coach who is particular about little things that goes wrong.

Over the years, we have coached and imparted the learning experience to learners of all ages by a team of passionate and professional certified swim coach. We have make them enjoy swimming lessons and make learning effective with our creative methods of coaching. 

We provide 2 types of swimming lessons namely Group Class Swimming Lessons and Private Class Swimming Lessons. Can’t decide group or private class? Click here to find out.

Why should anyone learn swimming?

There are many reasons why you should learn to swim. Our world contained 70% water and only 30% useful land. Chances of you encounter with water is rather high. With the flash flood happening in recents years in Singapore, learning to swim could save your life in the event of such emergency. And when you are able to swim, you can help save lives.

Learning to swim can reduce the risk of drowning, among the children and the adults. Swimming is lots of fun for people of all ages and children especially love getting in the water and enjoying themselves. But it is not just fun, swimming also provides loads of health benefits which can help to keep your children healthy and happy at the same time:

  • Swimming keeps your child’s heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance and posture

Another great thing about swimming is that children of any age or ability can take part and it is more accessible for children with additional needs than almost any other sport.

  • Swimming provides challenges and rewards accomplishments, which helps children to become self-confident and believe in their abilities
  • Your child will have plenty of opportunities to make friends and grow in confidence

But health, fun, and confidence are not the only reasons why your child should learn to swim. Learning to swim also opens up the door to a range of other activities.

When you can swim, you can do a few sports

  1. Kayaking
  2. Canoeing
  3. Scuba diving
  4. Surfing
  5. Triathlon
  6. Yachting
  7. Biathlon
  8. Dragon Boating
  9. Board Surfing
  10. Diving

Learning to swim is a life skill that once learnt, you will remember it for life. There is no age limit to learning to swim and it is never too old to learn swimming. Swimming has alot of health benefits. There are even swimming events for people over 100, and a few Masters swimmers who are still swimming past this age.

About Swimming Certificate in Singapore

Beginner Learn to Swim Certificate
Beginner Learn to Swim Certificate in early days

Swimming Certificate in Singapore has come a long way since 1979. Those days, the swim lessons issue the certificate that came in a form of hard copy, the name was typed manually using typewriter and the signature is pen-written manually on every pieces. It was a tedious affair. During that time, there were no computer or printing technology like what we seen today. Any child that are keen to do swimming lesson, would have to go to the swimming complex on their own. After finishe swimming lesson, they will go straight to school in the afternoon session and endure till the school release them in the evening. Such weekly swimming lessons was not an easy affair those days considering the transportation we had to make to pool, to school, lunch, etc. Above is the sample of the swimming certificate the owner got during his heyday. You can read more about the history of swimming certification here.

Is it necessary to have a Swimsafer Certificate?

While it is not mandatory to have a swimsafer certificate, however it can be use when there is a good opportunity arises such as the school has some aquatic sports event or courses that require minimum bronze and above, so you can apply with the certificate that you got. So having a certificate is a plus. In summary, if you are below 18 year of age, having a swimsafer certificate will be fruitful for you. The earlier you get, the better. If you are above 18 year of age, and still have an interest in swimming, you can do the adult swimming class.

4 Ways to Obtain Swimsafer Certificate

  • #1- Enrol with any Swim School with NROC Certified Coaches for weekly swim lessons.
  • #2- Join any NROC accredited Holiday Swimming Program (Coming your way in Oct to Dec)
  • #3- Enrol in your MOE School Swimming Program (Usually primary 3 or 4) – Covid-19- MOE Swim Class Cancelled.
  • #4- Enrol in our Swimsafer Test (Open to Public) every quarterly. Visit the page here.

Do you conduct Swim Trial Lesson at Condominium Pool?

Yes we do. If you have a pool in your condominium and your management allow coaching in your area, we strongly recommend you to engage us for swimming lesson. We provide swimming lessons island wide. You can register your interest here.

Kid Rescue Duckie During Swim Lesson

A 5 year old preparing for Swimsafer Stage 3

History of Swimming

Singapore Swimming Lessons
History of Swimming on Trudgen Stroke Illustration.

Swimming is one of the oldest sports in the world. The interest part about swimming is that it has evolved so much from our grandfather time until today, with the record time getting faster and faster each year. The swim form, the stroke technqiue have change and might even change again in the future, with perhaps the dolphin kick replacing the flutterkick in the freestyle event, whichever is faster.

Our Goals & Commitment

Our goal is to provide swim lessons that are fun, safe and enjoyable swim lesson. More importantly, we want our students to progress faster too.

During the MOE swimsafer programme of 10 sessions for stage 1 and 2, the passing rate was nearly 100%. The kids were 9 to 10 years of age at the time of swim lessons.

We provide swim lessons for all ages in public pools and condominium pools. Our Coach will be more willing to provide you the knowledge at your preferred choice of location anywhere in Singapore. We have a few types of swimming program to suit your need.

We are commited to impart to you the best of our coaching skills and knowledge that you will get because we want you to be the best during your swim lessons.

Here are some of our work. Enjoy the video. Remember… A Happy Kid is a Confident Kid. 🙂 One that eagerly looking forward to weekly swim lessons.

Our Swimming Program

We provide swimming lessons for a year old and above in both public pool and condominum. Private and group swimming lessons can be arranged.

Infant Swimming Class

Kid’s Swimming Class

Holiday Swimsafer Program

About AQZOG Founder

Great Swim Coaches of the Millennium.
Great Swim Coaches of the Millennium.

AQZOG was founded by Raymond Tan. A keen triathlete and been doing races during the early days. He wanted to impart his skills and knowledge to the students as he was interested to share. In 2018, he conducted a sharing sessions among the local coaches on butterfly technique and helped them understand and execute the stroke in the most effective way. Coach Raymond is currently a NROC Level 3- Swimming Coach in Singapore. He is also a certified Swimsafer and Assessor. His stroke specialty are Breaststroke and Fly.

Coach Raymond underwent training and attended clinic hosted by Bill Sweetenham (Olympic Coach)_, Josezf Nagy (Invented Wave style Breaststroke) , Vern Gambetta (Strength Conditioning for Swimming) and Stephan Widmer (SSA Head Coach).

Check out Lesson Plan for Beginner here!!

Benefits of Swimming

One of the biggest benefits of swimmming is that it truly works your entire body, head to toe. Swimming:

  • increases your heart rate without stressing your body
  • tones muscles
  • builds strength
  • builds endurance

Swimming is known to train all part of your body, improves your standing least prone injury sport due to less or no impact to joints when you swim, so it is good for your knee. It doesn’t hurt them.

Swimming is good for your back that is why most swimmer doesn’t have back issue. Most of the time if you go and see a doctor for your back problem, the doctor will advise you to go for swim. Swimming therapy help and solve your problem like Magic.

Swimming make you feel younger and it has an anti aging effect that slow down your look. Many swimmers doesn’t look their age today. Is true. Go pool and find out.

Swimming may have the power to help you sleep better at night. Insomnia adults reported both a boost in quality of life and sleep after engaging in regular aerobic exercise in swimming. So this is a good news for you. Swimming is accessible to a wider range of people who deal with physical issues that make other exercises like running, less appealing. Perhaps running make you sweat alot and feel uncomfortable. Swimming doesn’t. So make it a point to attend the swim lessons to experience it for yourself.

Pregnant women and their babies can also reap some wonderful rewards from swimming. Aside from potential benefits to the child, swimming is an activity that can be performed in all three trimesters.

Swimming have known benefits to make kids smarter and achieve milestone earlier than the norm, studies have shown. Watch Video here. And if you start your babies/infant swimming at their earliest time, chances that they will be able to take up stroke instruction by age of 2.5 year old. And by 3 or 4 year old, they could achieve swimsafer stage 1- the youngest swimsafer achiever. 🙂 Click here for more details on our our Kids Swim lessons Classes.

Few Reasons to Join AQZOG

Swim Lessons in Singapore

Swimsafer Journey

Any skills or stroke that is correctly done, that is an important step.

Coach Raymond

What to bring for Swim Lessons?

  • Swimming Goggle: Having a proper swimming goggle for lessons is important for every swimming lessons. If the goggle is leaking, your child will not be able to focus well, especially if he is a new learner. He will spend time adjusting his goggle during the lesson and he cannot focus or pay attention in class. Therefore, he will not be able to concentrate well during the swim lessons.
  • Swimming Kicking Board: Nowadays, kicking board come in all shapes and sizes. A normal shape kickboard will be sufficient enough but do not buy those weird shape kick board that are difficult to hold.
  • Swm suit attire: Do wear a fitting swimming trunk or swim suit. Do not wear normal shorts as they could cause drag in the water and making it harder for a beginner to propel forward during the swimming lesson.
  • Swimming Cap: Our high quality silicon swimming cap are meant to protect your hair from the chlorinated pool and to avoid having water soak up on your hair so that it is easier for you to breathe. Wearing a swimming cap help you to swim easily too. So make sure you wear it everytime when you go for lesson.
  • Dry Towel: Always bring a dry towel to dry yourself up after the swimming lessons
  • A bottle of Warm Water: It is always a good idea to bring some warm water to drink after your lessons or when you are feeling cold in the pool, a slip of warm water work wonder.
  • Some fruits or snacks: Children always get hungry after the lessons. So it is better to provide them some snacks or fruits after the swimming lessons.

Our Coaching Locations

Swim Lessons at Condominium/ Club

  • Tessarina Condominium
  • Hillion Condominium
  • Queens Condominium
  • Signature Park Condominium
  • Skyline Condominium
  • Cashew Height Condominium
  • Jade Condominium
  • Nexus Condominium
  • Flordian Condominium
  • The Trevose Condomimium
  • Bloosom Vale Condominium
  • Sentosa Cove
  • Hewlett Packard Clubhouse

Swim Lessons at Public Swimming Pool

  • Clementi Swimming Complex (Slots availability: Tuesday 3pm, 3:45pm, Sunday 1:30pm)
  • Bukit Batok Swimming Complex (Slot Availability: Thursday 3pm, 5pm)
  • Queenstown Swimming Complex (Full)
  • Jurong West Swimming Complex (Full)

Swimming Technique is Important

Good swim Technique
In any swim lessons, the basic swimming technique is required right from the start.

Learning behaviour & skill progression

Streamline Swimming Posture
A boy demo a streamline posture for swimming.

At AQZOG, we reinforce Good Practices for your child to help them cultivate good swimming habits & technique in the long run. You do not need to be a competitive swimmer to swim well when you have good swimming habit and posture.



Adaptation take place when a body is trying to learn a new skill involving muscle memory during the swim lessons.



Repetitions take place during the overloading process and the muscles memory soon remember them.



Over time, the gradual progression is seen as a form of automated movement with precise & fast, skilful movement.



The cycle repeat and goes back to adapation phase when a new skills is taught.

Frequently Asked Question on General Swim Lessons

Our most popular swimming lessons are the Weekly Group Swimming Class and the holiday swimsafer program. Read more about our swim lesson program here.

The 10 sessions of swimming lesson is if your child is age of 5 and above, without any fear of water and loves water very much. As every child is unique and different, therefore the skillset also different. We will assess every individual on their weaknesses and turn it into their strong point. Applying the 20/80 rule could really help resolves most of the issues. This means we check the body position, Kicking actions, arm actions, breathing action and coordination and tackle the most sever problem so that it will have better benefits and blend well to the rest of the other component. In additions, the swimming drills we plan for them would be more effective in ironing out most of the issue for instance, some bad habits really need to be corrected and put it right.

While there are no fixed answer to this, the matter of choices is subjected to personal preference. Few choices are open to you for consideration.

  • Infant/ Toddler swimming lesson can start as soon as he/she can stand and walk without assist. That is about 1 year to 1.5 year of age, The water temperature need to be warm between 32 to 34 Degree Celsius and the lessons time of 30mins of water time is more than sufficient. While some schools offer heated swimming pool for the children, is best not to get use to warm water too long. Otherwise they will have problem adapting to the normal temperature swimming pool when you decided to put your child with another school at the public pool.
  • Preschooler (Age 3 to 5) – Known as kid swimming program, children of this age group can start lessons and could adapt to the normal water temperature in the pools. There is no need to warm the pool for such age.
  • Grade Schooler (Age 6-12)- Children at such age tend to have more commitment on tuitions, ballet, piano or music classes and to get in touch with school work. If you enroll your child at such age, you need to consider allocating the extra time needed for his/her swimming lessons. Otherwise you can wait till the school holiday seasons to start him/her on our 6 days intensive swimsafer holiday program.

Held during the june and December school holiday, we will conduct this program at the clementi swimming complex. Due to the covid-19 situation, the plan has since been shelved. We last had our holiday swimming program in Dec 2019. We will keep you update again and restart our holiday swimming program when situation improve. If you would like to be reminded on the mailing list for upcoming program, do sign up at our newsletter page.

We conduct our lessons both in public pool and condominium. Click here to find out.

Learning to swim provide participant with a life skill, the ability to swim and is an important skill that could lead to saving other lives in the event of emergency. Whether is a group class or private class, the goal is the same- To be able to swim. Everyone come in different personalities, and the way they learn is also different (Some learn faster, some slower), so there is no one answer that fits all. Below are some points to consider when deciding whether to register your child in private classes or group lessons. Hope it will give you some idea after reading.

If you are an adult, and have bad water experience or water phobia, it is always best to do a private lessons to gain your water confidence and overcome your fear. Water phobia person will have “flash-back” of past bad experience sometimes during the sleep or nightmare. Such phenomenon can be treated once the person gain confident in the water.

If you are a parent of a water phobia kid, it is always the best option to enroll them for swim lessons. And make them overcome the fear as soon as possible. Do not wait till they are older to start learning swimming. Otherwise, their growing up years to cope with water phobia is going to be a torture. Get them treated early by enrolling in lessons. They will learn and overcome fear to become a better and strong person.

  • Coach will usually travel to the student’s place at his convenient time if he has his own private pool such as a condominium pool or personal pool for swim lessons.
  • Student whose attention span is short or having trouble staying on the task in the group class situations.
  • Private swimming class are more personal so student get individualised attention, and his personal lesson plans can be created with one swimmer in mind rather than a group of swimmers.  This allows instructors to be more specific in the skills they are teaching.
  • Private swim lessons are more costly but the student learn faster due to the nature of the personal coaching environment.
  • Any mistake made could be spoted and corrected right away, thus giving no chance to create a bad mistake/habit.
  • Under the watchful eye of a coach, student could perform the skills in repetition in order to master skills properly and gracefully.
  • Learning in private swim lessons, the learning is faster than learning in a group class setting.

  • In most of your child’s school swimming classes, a coach is assigned to 10 pax with 2 groups of 5 (During the covid-19 measure for swimming) since year 2020. A group of peer will learn from a swim coach and train together.
  • Most of the Swimmers can be quite motivated simply by watching their peers and trying to copy the skills that their friends could do. This is a a great opportunity to improve their swimming skills as such action are great for visual learner.
  • Group lessons can provide an environment where healthy competition between swimmers can encourage them to work harder to be better and improve their swimming technique, endurance and speed. Just like how they would like to complete “Challenge” their peer in race and speeding game during the swim lessons.
  • Group lessons are usually fixed and on going for a long term basis. This kind of fixed schedule is good for your child to plan time for swimming lessons.
  • The cost of group swimming lesson are lower than the cost of private swimming class.
  • Instructors may have to deliver more generalised lesson plans in order to cater for ranging abilities and needs within a lesson.
  • Group lessons allow swimmers to learn important skills and social etiquette that can be carried into day to day life such as focus, following instructions, patience and acceptance.
  • Swimmers can forge a life-long bonds, cooperation, teamwork and friendships with other students in their lessons and feel what it is like to be part of a team working towards a common goal- to achieve their best form.
  • Many games such as swim relay, tug of war or speed boat challenge and buddy system can be implemented with such kind of group class setting.

No. As the 1 year old is still an infant stage, and he still need parental care and a lukewarm water for swim lessons. And also the duration of the group class might be too long for his liking. The duration for infant is limited to 30min or less. Your 5 year old child may join the kid swimming group class.

Most of their pool is a standard 50m pool. The middle of the pool has a depth of 1.8m. Non Swimmer are advise to check the pool depth and take precaution not to use this pool unless your instructor is around. So use the deep pool only if you are having your swim lessons.

You can read more here. It is definitely fun to be able to inspire others and imparting knowledge on swim lessons.

Of all the pools that I have visited, clementi swimming complex is still my favorite pool for swim lessons. You can read more here.

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