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My first Motivational Swim Lesson


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Swimming history

As times goes by, evolution of swimming also change. Some swimming styles such as Breaststroke, Backstroke, Freestyle and even Butterfly, had changed from the past to present. For instance, the olden days of breaststroke is using wedge kick action with the arm action in a squared motion and head is looking in front, with movement of neck when they take a breathe. Today context, they are using whip kicking action with arm action and the upper body lung forward like a cobra action with the head looking toward and forward without movement of neck. Joszef Nagy had created this new form of cobra action like breaststroke in the early 2000s and since then, breaststroker has broke several record timing even until today. Here are some interview done by the SwimSwam team with Joszef Nagy (Breaststroke Coaching Legend Jozsef Nagy Says 200 Breast WR Should be 2:02). Enjoy the video.

Currently the world best breaststroke is Adam Peaty (2021). Lets watch how he swim.

Here is the link of the stroke evolved and how new and faster strokes were being form and invented.

Today’s Toddler Swimming

Remember the olden days when the baby born with the eye closed and they open their eye only after 3 or 4 days later? Todays baby open eye earlier than those in the past. Things have changed, Time have changed, so does today’s lesson with toddler. Read more about our toddler swimming program.

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